5 ways to change the world, one family at a time

July 22, 2021

If you spend any time watching the news, you will be inundated with stories on COVID-19, political extremists, questions of sexual identity, race relations and civil unrest both in the U.S. and abroad.

It is easy to think the world is a dangerous and hostile place for your children, with little hope for a better tomorrow.

Church life seems to be a declining cultural value. Gallup reports that for the first time since they began polling Americans about church attendance in 1937, less than half of all Americans report belonging to a church or other religious organization.

Seeing the future through this lens, we may ask ourselves how we can possibly hope to make a difference and change the current trajectory of our world.

How can our church become a positive force for creating a more positive future for our children?

The answer to this question begins with a question — “What if…?”

  • What if I refocus my attention on what the Bible says about social and moral issues instead of what social media says?
  • What if I recognize that God has called parents to disciple their children at home to become fully formed disciples of Christ?
  • What if I reprioritize my schedule to include time for personal discipleship for myself and my family?
  • What if I leverage the Christian influence I could have with my children and their friends?
  • What if my home becomes the neighborhood sanctuary where children can be themselves in relationship with an adult who cares for them, heart and soul?
  • What if I become equipped and ready to share the good news of Jesus in both tangible and intangible ways?

Here are 5 ways you and your church can impact the future.

  1. Preach it
    We know that whatever is important to the pastor becomes a priority for the church. Let your church know that the home is where the future of a godlier world will be birthed.
  2. Teach it
    Offer training that targets how parents can disciple their children following a Deuteronomy 6 model. Tell stories of parents who are doing it well and how they developed the ability to do so.
  3. Practice it
    Offer parents concrete ideas for serving others as a family, asking good open-ended questions that spur faith conversations, family worship times and prayer prompts.
  4. Give it
    Use a milestone ministry to resource parents with training, books, videos and other items to help them develop a Biblical worldview for raising young adults who desire to become fully formed disciples of Christ.
  5. Start it
    Make a list of ideas to present to your staff leadership for helping parents become confident disciple-makers. Make plans to educate your congregation about the why of family discipleship, choose one or two ideas and press the Go button. It may take time to gain traction, but gentle accountability goes a long way in helping others develop new habits and priorities.

Want to change the world for you, your family and your church families? Help parents start at home.

by Cheryl Markland  
/  Childhood Evangelism and Discipleship  /  Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

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