A call to pray at 7:09

February 19, 2018

During fall 2016, over 1 million international students arrived in the United States to study. This is the largest number ever to enter the United States for education and scholarly research. These students have brought a huge economic boom to the U.S. economy in general and to colleges and universities specifically. But most importantly, these students are ripe for Christians to sow gospel seeds.

Most students come from countries that have little or no gospel presence. Some come from countries where the government or culture persecute Christians. Getting to these countries can be a difficult task. While we must continue to reach people in their home countries, we can also start right here at home. No passport is required. All we need is the vision to mobilize Christians to be missionaries in their hometowns.

So how does one get involved with international students?

First, we need to pray. We need to ask God to open our eyes to the peoples who are here. We also need to ask God to open our hearts to those who are different from us in language, culture, race and religion. Finally, we need to pray for the hearts of international students to be open to the gospel.

In order to help us remember to pray for international students, the Collegiate Partnerships Team, in conjunction with other Baptist entities, asks North Carolina Baptists to set either 7:09 a.m. or 7:09 p.m. as a special time to stop and pray for international students.

Revelation 7:9 gives a great picture of answered prayer in heaven when it states that there was “a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages standing before the throne and before the Lamb.”

Please set 7:09 or some other special time as a prayer prompt and join other believers in praying for the nations on our campuses. 

by Tom Knight  
/  Collegiate Partnerships  /  Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

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