Articles & Bylaws Committee

You will find here documents related to the proposed changes to the articles and bylaws of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, which will be presented at the annual meeting at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro on Nov. 7-8, 2022. As required by our current articles and bylaws, these documents are being put here to give you a chance to review prior to the discussion and vote during the business portions of our gathering.

You will also find an FAQ sheet regarding the proposed changes to both the articles and bylaws. Please look over these carefully, and do not hesitate to contact our staff representative, John Butler, at the convention offices at [email protected] if you have questions. We will also have a breakout session on Monday afternoon during the annual meeting to offer the opportunity to ask and address questions related to the proposed changes. Check the schedule of events for the annual meeting for details on what room the Q&A for articles and bylaws will take place in the Koury Convention Center. 

Committee on Nominations Report

The Committee on Nominations report follows the BSCNC bylaws directive to, “nominate persons for election by the Convention to the committees listed in Article I.C.1 (b) – (d) of these Bylaws, such other committees as may be assigned to it, the chair of such Convention committees, the boards of trustees and directors of all institutions and agencies of the Convention, the Board, and such other nominations as may be delegated to the committee by the Convention.”  Among other considerations for nominees, the bylaws state, “It is desirable that at least twenty-five percent of members nominated to all committees of the Convention, the Board, the boards of trustees and directors of the Convention’s institutions and agencies shall come from churches with a membership under 400.” This is indicated in the Committee’s report by (O) for 400 and over and by (U) for under 400 in church membership. The bylaws further direct that, “The Committee on Nominations shall include in its report at a minimum the name, church, home town, association, occupation and sex of each nominee, the name of the committee or board on which the nominee is to serve together with such summary information as will make clear to this Convention the diversity and breadth of representation provided by the slates of nominees.”

Resolutions & Memorials Report

The 2022 Committee on Resolutions and Memorials received one resolution for consideration this year. While the committee deeply appreciates the submitter’s participation in the resolutions process, committee members voted against presenting the resolution to the convention for consideration. That resolution, titled Resolution on Office, Function and Title of Pastor, was submitted by Casey Rayfield, pastor of Hickory Mountain Baptist Church in Siler City. The resolution can be read in its entirety as it was originally submitted below.