Great Commission catalysts stand ready to serve North Carolina Baptist churches, pastors and associational mission strategists. They assist in developing strategies to impact communities with the gospel, identify unreached people groups and places for gospel engagement, and help churches and associations mobilize N.C. Baptists to engage the nations.

There are three statewide catalysts who work with strategic ethnic churches across North Carolina. They assist pastors, churches and associations with missions mobilization, ministry strategy development and catalyzing new work for greater kingdom impact. They help resource ethnic churches with effective ministry tools to advance their Great Commission focus.

Hez Cunningham-Bey serves as the statewide African American catalyst. He has a passion for serving the church and has served in a variety of contexts, including as a director of youth ministry and as a pastor. He is currently a lay elder at King’s Cross Church in Greensboro.

Cunningham-Bey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications from Winston-Salem State University and is working on his master’s degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

We asked the three statewide catalysts to tell us about their work and a little bit about themselves. Here’s what Cunningham-Bey shared.

Tell us a bit about your background and family.

I grew up in New York City and moved to North Carolina in 1997. I have been a pastor at King’s Cross Church in Greensboro for about four years. I’m married to Tajua, and we have four kids — Amayah, Amir, Asa and Adonijah.

When did you join the N.C. Baptist team?

I joined N.C. Baptists in August of 2022. 

If you could sum up your role in a mission statement, what would it be?

My role is to serve churches by connecting them with resources, by helping them start new work and by helping them do things more efficiently. My goal is to help churches to think more missionally, which consists of planting more churches, raising up more leaders, as well as sending out more missionaries.

What excites you about your role? What makes you hopeful?

I love the kingdom of God. I love the church — it’s God’s design for spreading His gospel, for maturing His people and for sending people to the world. I’m excited for this role because I get to come alongside churches and help the church do those things for people.

What are the greatest needs among the churches and people you work with?

The greatest need we have in our churches is the need to continue carrying out the mission of God. We need to learn how to evangelize in a world where people have become hyper-individualistic and where truth has become relative.

What is something unique about your area of ministry? How does it help N.C. Baptists be on mission together?

The African American church has had a unique history that comes with the history of our country. We know things like slavery have had a unique impact on relationships in the United States. But I think the church is a tool that the Lord wants to use to rebuild some things that were broken. Through the church He reminds us that we are on the same mission together, though not everything we do will always be the same. Our churches may look different culturally, but they all point to the same God, the same Lord and the same mission. 

What’s a fun fact about you?

There was a period in my life where I was an avid cyclist, and I’m trying to get back into being an avid cyclist. I still ride, though not as much as I used to. I’d like to get back into that.