Every month, we spotlight five helpful resources for you as you seek to walk closely with the Lord and make disciples. Many of these resources are created by the staff of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) to help meet the ministry needs of pastors and lay leaders across the state.

Take a look at this month’s resource list, which includes a collection of promotional materials for an Easter offering and week of prayer. Also, this top five includes a booklet to help keep your children’s ministry held to North Carolina child care regulations and a map to find pockets of people near you that need to hear the gospel. Lastly, there is a printable prayer prompt bookmark to help in praying for revival and a booklet to help make disciples in your family.

In addition to the resources featured here, many more can be found at ncbaptist.org/resources. You may also follow @ncbaptist on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll share other helpful resources throughout the month.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering: Week of prayer
Join other Southern Baptist churches in the week of prayer for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American missions. This year’s dates are March 7-14. Your church can use these dates or another time during the Easter season. The Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board has developed a number of resources to assist you and your church during the prayer emphasis.
Visit: anniearmstrong.com | Follow: @NAMB_SBC

‘Protecting Our Church and Children’
Has your church resumed children’s ministry? It is a good reminder that churches can be held responsible for actions they do and do not take when it comes to children’s ministry. This “Protecting Our Church and Children” booklet meets or exceeds the expectations for North Carolina child care regulations.
Visit: ncbaptist.org/children | Follow: @ncbaptist

Pockets of Lostness map
Do you want to know more about lostness in your community? This interactive map highlights the pockets of lostness nearest you and your church. Pray and consider how you can best share the gospel and help your neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Visit: ncbaptist.org/pol | Follow: @ncbaptist

‘Biblical Prayer Prompts’ bookmark
The effects of the events in 2020 have exposed a tremendous need for followers of Jesus to pray biblically and passionately for revival and spiritual awakening. This “Biblical Prayer Prompts” bookmark contains an acrostic with applicable Bible verses that guide you to pray for revival based on Scripture.
Visit: praync.org | Follow: @ncbaptist

‘Faith at Home: Equipping Families to Make Disciples’
We believe it is vital that parents become eager learners of the Bible, authentic doers of His commands and intentional teachers of Scripture to their children. This “Faith at Home: Equipping Families to Make Disciples” booklet is designed to equip parents to be disciple-makers in their homes.
Visit: faithathomenc.org | Follow: @FaithAtHomeNC