Churches take the gospel to colleges across the state

February 19, 2018

The churches of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) are engaging an unprecedented number of college campuses with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but there’s still much work to be done.

With a vision for seeing “No Campus Left” without a reproducing gospel presence, the Collegiate Partnerships Team is assisting churches in taking the gospel to college, university and community college campuses all over our state.

While less than 10 percent of college students in North Carolina follow Jesus Christ, churches are facing the reality of the lostness on campuses near them. The Holy Spirit is actively working in N.C. Baptist churches to awaken them to the physical and spiritual needs of this generation.

Local churches are seeing college campuses as mission fields right in their own communities. No longer are churches sitting on the sidelines expecting other organizations to make disciples on the college campus for them.

Instead, N.C. Baptist churches have glorified Jesus Christ in being obedient to the Great Commission themselves and have shared the gospel on more than 50 college campuses.

Many may assume that only young, large or modern churches are part of this movement, but the truth is that all kinds of churches — large and small, urban and rural, established and recently planted, traditional and contemporary — are impacting lostness through disciple-making on college campuses.

The one thing they all have in common is a radical shift in the way that they think about Christian college students. No longer are these churches focused on catering to the needs of these students like they are consumers of religious programming. No longer is there a focus in these churches of helping their students defy the odds and “stay in church.” No, instead, these churches are equipping their college students to serve as missionaries on their campuses. And it’s working.

More than 100 campuses, however, still await a church to take the gospel to them. If the “No Campus Left” vision is to become a reality, many more churches must join the amazing work God is doing across the collegiate landscape of North Carolina.

Churches ready to lift their eyes to the harvest on the college campus nearest them should contact the Collegiate Partnerships Team to learn how to take the first steps. Together, “No Campus Left” can be a reality in North Carolina!

by Jonathan Yarboro 
 /  Collegiate Partnerships  /  Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

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