Collegiate Partnerships (#NoCampusLeft) desires to see churches engage their local campus with the gospel. Here are a few questions we often receive about this ministry:

What is a reproducing gospel presence?

A reproducing gospel presence includes the following four criteria as defined by the “No Campus Left” movement.

It is under the authority of the local church. Reaching the college campus is the biblical responsibility of the local church and authority ensures ownership of the mission.

It is doctrinally sound. Specifically, it perpetuates and upholds orthodox theology (i.e. the authority of Scripture, the triune nature of God, the exclusivity of Christ, etc.) in a Protestant tradition.

It is a group. It can be a large group, a small group, or a network of small groups. A reproducing gospel presence gathers because disciples are made in community.

It is making disciples. The group fosters a disciple-making culture that results in multiplication. This can be demonstrated as disciples who are making more disciples, groups who are multiplying by starting more groups, or entire ministries that are taking new ground by starting new works on new campuses.

What makes "No Campus Left" different from Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM)?

Before the launch of the “impacting lostness through disciple-making” strategy, the state convention had full-time campus ministry positions on just nine campuses across the state, which represented less than 5 percent of North Carolina’s college and university campuses. In the current approach to collegiate ministry, the Collegiate Partnerships Team partners with, equips and supports local churches who are striving to reach every campus in North Carolina. That means that small colleges and universities, both public and private, as well as community colleges are just as important as the nine campuses that had those full time campus ministers. Instead of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina asking churches to support our missionary efforts on a few college campuses, we now support local churches in their missionary efforts on every college campus. Our vision is to see “no campus left” among North Carolina’s 185 colleges and universities without a reproducing gospel presence.

What are the steps to engaging a campus?

For every college campus to have a reproducing gospel presence, churches and college ministries need to stop thinking about the campus in its entirety and instead discover, understand, adopt and engage people groups on a respective campus, much like a missionary would think about people groups in another country. Though it may seem counterproductive, focusing on the few can actually reach the many. The Collegiate Partnerships Team uses a tool called “Pathways to Collegiate Engagement” that helps churches identify their best entry point to a campus. It’s all about knowing where a church is uniquely positioned to start.

How can my church begin to engage a campus?

Since no two campuses are the same and no two churches are the same, it’s important for churches to develop strategies unique to their context. The collegiate partnerships team is available to equip your church to do just that. Contact us to get started today!

What if another church already has a reproducing gospel presence on the campus nearest our church?

Some campuses have as many as 10 churches leading their own ministries on those campuses. More churches doing a ministry on a campus translates to more opportunities for students to hear and respond to the gospel. If, however, there is another campus that is also in close proximity to your church that remains unengaged, could it be that God might be calling you to blaze a new trail in taking the gospel to a campus that is even more in need of gospel laborers?

What models seem to be working the best?

The answer is much more complex than this question suggests. One model that works well for one church at a given campus might never gain traction for another church on another campus. All churches are different, and all campuses are different. There simply isn’t a best model for every church. The best model of collegiate ministry is the one the church creates to uniquely facilitate gospel engagement on the campus(es) they have chosen. The process is not simple; it is difficult. But the degree of lostness across our campuses in North Carolina necessitates it. The good news is that you are not alone. The Collegiate Partnerships Team is here to walk with you through this process.

How can I pray for this effort?

Pray that God would raise up local churches to engage the
harvest on the college campus nearest you. (Acts 1:8)

Pray for theological integrity among churches and ministries
serving in the midst of secular pluralism. (1 Timothy 4:16)

Pray for new groups to start on unengaged campuses near you.
(Matthew 28:18-20)

Pray that God would multiply groups of believers on the campus
nearest you. (Ephesians 3:20)

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