Coming soon: ‘RevitalizeNC’ podcast

March 8, 2021

A new podcast aimed at addressing timely topics related to church health and revitalization officially launches Monday, March 15.

The “RevitalizeNC” podcast will feature interviews with leading experts in the field of church revitalization to offer help, hope and encouragement to pastors and ministry leaders.

“With research suggesting that a large majority of churches are in need of some degree of revitalization, we hope this new podcast will encourage and equip pastors in their ministry,” said Terry Long, senior consultant for church health and revitalization with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, who also serves as the podcast host. “In every episode, our goal is to share wisdom and insights from key leaders from across our denomination, while also raising awareness about helpful tools and resources.”

Each episode will feature an interview between Long and a ministry leader on a particular topic related to church health and revitalization.

The first episode focuses on spiritual warfare and features a conversation with Chuck Lawless, vice president of spiritual formation and ministry centers at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, where he also serves as professor of evangelism and missions.

“Our goal is to have some of the top leaders in our convention speak wisdom into the various issues related to church health and revitalization,” Long said. “A podcast is a great format for those conversations to take place.”

Podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular format for users to consume information. Recent data shows that 75% of Americans are familiar with podcasting, and podcast listeners have grown 37.5% in the last three years.

Additionally, monthly podcast listeners have grown 54% in three years, and half of Americans aged 12-34 listen to podcasts monthly, while listenership among Americans aged 55 and above is one of the fastest-growing demographic segments.

The “RevitalizeNC” podcast is available to Apple users and Google/Android users. Click on the links to subscribe.

New episodes will be released every other month with breaks during the summer.

The Baptist state convention offers revitalization assessments, consultations, coaching and resources at no cost to N.C. Baptist churches thanks to churches’ financial support of the Cooperative Program. To learn more, visit

by BSCNC Communications
  /  Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

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