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During this uncertain time, we stand firm on the promises of God and His unshakeable faithfulness (Romans 8:32). The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina staff is committed to serving you as you minister under challenges resulting from the coronavirus. The resources provided below seek to aid in those efforts.

How do I set up livestreaming for church services?

What about those without technology for streaming on the internet?

Share sermons through CD, USB or printed transcripts to those without the ability to livestream your services. 

CD players are extremely inexpensive and the church may wish to provide one for members of your church without technology. When the pandemic is over, you can repurpose these for shut ins.

If you have the budget, look at conference call options through services such as or other paid services. Take some time to research alternatives that may work for you.

You may wish to set up a devoted telephone number for members to call in and hear the service live. Directions for that are below in the graphic. 

A free option is to use a cell phone (in speaker mode) to set up a conference call, then place that on the podium as you preach. While the audio won’t be the best quality, it is at least a free way to reach a few without advanced technology.

What about livestreaming music?

You will need a streaming license for streaming the music in your service. If you are only streaming music from worship services, CCLI’s Church Streaming License will probably be all you need. If you stream other music you may need to get a more all-encompassing license offered by CCS – the WORSHIPcast license.


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Kenny Lamm // Worship and Music Ministry
Renewing Worship Blog


What about virtual small groups?

There are many possibilities for connecting by video and several subscription service options. Zoom is a great choice for small virutal small group meetings. Here is a list of other several free options, each with certain limitations. Lifesize is a service that offers a free plan for connecting up to 25 people (separate streams) with up to 90 minutes of meeting time.

Helpful Links

How to host an online small group


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Rick Hughes // Sunday School and Small Groups


How do we set up online giving for our church?

Helpful Links

Generosity by LifeWay
Stewardship, Generosity and Giving


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John Butler // Business Services

What are some tips for corporate worship during this time?

Helpful Links

Helpful Tips and Information for Corporate Worship Amidst the Coronavirus


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Kenny Lamm // Worship and Music Ministry
Renewing Worship Blog

How can we help others during this time?

Baptists on Mission
Baptists on Mission Coronavirus web page is full of how your church can respond.
Daily devotions from Baptists on Mission staff

North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM)
For older adults who are in need, call the HOPELINE at (866) 578-4673.

How can we pray at this time?

During these critical and ever-changing times, God is calling His people toward prayer that focuses more on Him and His kingdom purposes. Below are five biblical prayer points that every believer, family and church can pray in the midst of the Father’s opportune time today.

Pray that God’s people will see these days as an opportunity to seek and depend upon Him.
God has been trying to get His people’s attention for some time and can use the COVID-19 crisis to draw His people to seek Him in an extraordinary way (Isaiah 55:6, James 4:8).

Pray for God’s abundant mercy, help, grace and restoration.
God delights in those who fear Him and earnestly long for His mercy. He alone is able to protect, heal and restore in the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial and relational realms (Psalm 147:11, Psalm 121, 1 Peter 1:3-9).

Pray for personal holiness through a humble, broken and repentant heart.
A humble, broken and repentant heart that is available for God to use starts with me, my family and my church — not someone else (2 Chronicles 7:14, James 4:10, James 5:16).

Pray for God’s protection, wisdom, boldness and power to engage the crisis and share the gospel.
Biblically and historically, during times of crisis, God has always used His people who were consecrated and available as instruments of His love, goodness and salvation through Christ (James 1:5; John 17:15; Acts 4:29-31; Psalm 23).

Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit through revival and spiritual awakening in our nation and world.
God can use times like these to fan the flames of revival and spiritual awakening. When the Lord moves through revival and spiritual awakening, the church is renewed in its mission and multitudes of lost people experience God’s forgiveness and new life through Jesus, healing the spiritual famine in the land (2 Chronicles 7:14, 2 Thessalonians 3:1, Acts 3:19).


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Chris Schofield // Office of Prayer
Fatima Roma // Office of Prayer

What about families with children at home during this time?

Helpful Links

Missional Families Parent Guide 
226 Parenting
Steadfast Family

Free LifeWay Kids At Home Supplement

Visit and register or log in if you already have an account.
Go to
Enter redemption code: VZMD4SSQ38 (churches are free to distribute this code).
Click “Access” (if prompted to sign in again, sign in) and then click “My Dashboard,” and go to “LifeWay Kids at Home.”
Download the activity page and conversation sheet to use while watching the video session.
Permission is granted for churches to post non-music videos and activity pages for their use only on a secure and/or closed site.


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Cheryl Markland // Childhood Ministries
Mark Smith // Faith at Home Ministries

Celebrate God’s Story
We know times are tough but we serve a mighty God who is at work. Will you share with us how God is working in you and your church during this time?

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