Digital kit provides tools for Cooperative Program promotion

February 2, 2021
A new resource for churches is offering a set of tools for greater financial stewardship and support of missions and ministry through the Cooperative Program (CP).
The CP Digital Kit, available at, provides a collection of links to videos, CP promotional items and graphics to help churches explain the purpose and mechanics behind Southern Baptists’ engine for reaching others for Jesus Christ in every town, city, state and nation. Through CP, Southern Baptists have become the largest Christian missionary-sending agency in the world.
“The SBC Executive Committee assists churches by promoting the Cooperative Program,” said Willie McLaurin, Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) executive committee vice president for Great Commission relations and mobilization. “Through the Cooperative Program, we collectively engage our culture, fund missionaries across North America and around the world and fuel missions and ministries in your city and state. We value the strong partnership and leadership of the local church in prioritizing, elevating and accelerating the Cooperative Program.”
Upon registering for the digital kit, an email with a link to a zip file will go to the recipient. That file will contain PDFs of articles and other resources, including CP logos and an updated CP allocation budget graphic.
“Our team has created a helpful tool that any church can use to promote the vision of Southern Baptists and our work that we do together through giving through the Cooperative Program,” said SBC executive committee President and CEO Ronnie Floyd. “Regardless of the size of your church or the size of the town you live in, this tool will lead your people to understand their church can touch the world for Jesus Christ.”
With the download, recipients also get a link to Floyd’s book “Ten Percent: A Call to Biblical Stewardship.” It, as well as an ancillary kit, can be downloaded at Other digital tools related to the Cooperative Program include 15 videos testifying to its impact as well as CP Stories, a weekly resource for churches.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published by Baptist Press.

by Baptist Press

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