Do you know where to begin with effective disciple-making training? What steps can you take to grow in how to share the gospel? Below are a few ways we are offering training.

Informal Disciple-Making Workshop

Jesus plan to change the world was investing in 12 people and entrusting them with the truth of his life, death and resurrection. This workshop serves to inspire churches and leaders to take up the privilege of relational disciple-making as well as give a few practical helps to get started.

Gospel Conversations Training

Begin by attending one of the gospel conversations training held across the state. This training is specifically designed to fit a busy schedule and is only a few hours of training focused on various tactics and tools for sharing the gospel. Find a training in your area or contact us to schedule a training.

Gospel Conversations Expanded Training

This training picks up after step 1 (above) and works with you to contextualize your training to the area in which your church is located. This training is specifically catered to the needs that exist in your context. Not sure of the needs in your area? Don’t worry, this training will help you discover the lostness that exists in your own community and neighborhoods as well as give you the tools to impact those areas with the gospel strategically. This training includes a time for practice and follow-up processes for strategy and weekly accountability.

Multiplying Disciples Training

Did Jesus and the Apostle’s have a strategy for making disciples? The Multiplying Disciples training is an advanced training for churches and leaders who have already engaged and implemented the Gospel Conversations training.

This training teaches the framework of a biblical disciple-making strategy along with some tools to aid in the process. This training requires extended practice in Gospel Conversations so we can dialogue around real time examples

Contact us with questions about training.

[email protected]  /  (800) 395-5102, ext. 5651

Contact us with questions about training.

[email protected]  /  (800) 395-5102, ext. 5651

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