EDT search enters interview phase

December 9, 2020

The search committee appointed to find the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s next executive director-treasurer has narrowed its list of preferred candidates to a very small number and is set to begin the interview phase of the process in the coming weeks, according to chairman Noah Crowe.

The nine-member group spent time in its last two meetings, Nov. 23 and Dec. 7, discussing potential questions to put before candidates during interviews and other related matters.

Crowe told the Biblical Recorder that the search team would not continue to provide public updates about the latest developments due to the “confidential” nature of this phase of the search process. He asked for the continued prayers of North Carolina Baptists and said the team is focused on the next steps, adding that “God has brought us into unity” as they move forward.

Crowe is pastor at Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church in Murphy. The current executive, Milton Hollifield, announced in May that he plans to retire Feb. 28, 2021. The search team was appointed by the state convention’s board president, Melanie Wallace, on July 16.

The state convention’s bylaws indicate that nominations for executive director-treasurer should come from its board of directors. The next meeting of the board of directors is slated for Jan. 25-26 at Caraway Conference Center near Asheboro, N.C.

A nominee must be elected at an annual meeting or special meeting of the convention. Additional nominations for executive director-treasurer may also come from messengers from the floor of the convention. According to convention bylaws, the board of directors may call a special meeting of the convention with a majority vote.

Convention bylaws also stipulate that notice of convention meetings must be published in a print issue of the Recorder with a publication date at least 30 days before the meeting and published on the convention’s website at least 35 days before the meeting.

Read previous coverage of the search below:

by Seth Brown
  /  Executive Editor  /  Biblical Recorder

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