Committee on Nominations Report

The Committee on Nominations report follows the BSCNC bylaws directive to, “nominate persons for election by the Convention to serve as members of the Board of Directors of the Convention, the members of the boards of trustees and directors to be elected by the Convention of the Related Entities, and such other nominations as may be delegated to the committee by the Convention.” Among other considerations for nominees, the bylaws state, “It is desirable that at least twenty-five percent of members nominated to all committees of the Convention, the Board, and the boards of trustees and directors of the Related Entities shall come from churches with an average weekly worship attendance under 200.” This is indicated in the Committee’s report by (O) for 200 and over and by (U) for under 200 in church membership. The bylaws further direct that, “The Committee on Nominations shall include in its report at a minimum the name, church, home town, association, occupation, and sex of each nominee, the name of the committee or board on which the nominee is to serve together with such summary information as will make clear to this Convention the diversity and breadth of representation provided by the slates of nominees.”

The following report was amended on October 24, 2023. Three names have been struck from the original report (located in the 2023 Book of Reports) to reflect decisions made by the committee on nominations as requested by the three who were originally nominated. Jordon Willard (Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina Board), Andrew McKinney (BSCNC Board, Region 7) and Stephen Buys (BSCNC Board, Region 9) have asked that their names be struck from the committee’s report.