How can God use your church to help another?

Whether you are a church of 200 or 2,000, the Reconstruct Conference is for healthy churches, associations and networks looking for strategic ways to help struggling churches in their area. Learn from North Carolina churches leading the way in revitalization processes such as church fostering, adoption and replanting. Bring a team from your church and be a part of how God is bringing dying churches back to life. 

Who is this conference for?

  • Association/network Leader: If you are a leader interested in learning more about assisting with partnering churches together in the revitalization processes of Fostering, Adoption, Marriage or Replanting, we invite you to come hear from various local associational leaders as well as some of our partners as they share about their experiences and the role God has allowed them to play in these processes.
  • The “Healthy” Church: If you are a church that has started or are open to Fostering, Adoption, Marriage or Replanting another church, we invite you to hear from key churches in our state that have seen success in these areas of revitalization. Hear about their real situations, and learn tips for effective revitalization.

Fostering As A Missional Initiative

Fostering helps a church overcome an attitude of survival to become an environment for equipping people and creating an atmosphere to be on the mission of God with the focus on serving the King rather than building its own kingdom.

Rick Hughes, Church Fostering

Re-Construct Conference Panel

Our view of Revival has been limited to more conversions, larger crowds gathering in our buildings and wide spread repentance that leads to biblical morality. Our means of accomplishing this has been guest speakers, week long meetings and special prayer services. While all of these are good, I think we can agree they haven’t truly been effective in providing long term change. … It urges me to a greater involvement in church adoption and revitalization.

I will never be Billy Graham. I will never preach to millions of people across the globe or witness hundreds of thousands of conversions in a single crusade, but I can be at the tip of the spear of revival through church revitalization.

Revitalizing churches is revival. America has never seen revival, not actually. We have seen awakenings and mass numbers profess the faith but not revival. Revival happens when dead things come back to life, when churches are raised from the dead.

Brian Edwards, Pastor, Hope Church

Kingdom Perspective: Facilities for God’s Mission

God has blessed many of our churches with significant facilities, and many if not most of those facilities are used only a day or two each week. What if God’s design in providing such amazing locations for ministry is that we share those facilities with as many churches and partners as possible, reaching more people and making a greater Kingdom impact in our communities?

Bob Lowman, Associational Mission Strategist, Metrolina Association