January 1-30, 2019

Join with other North Carolina Baptists in united prayer for the unreached people groups in our state. Every day during the month of January we will focus our hearts on praying for the gospel to impact a different unreached people group.

Baptists across North Carolina have chosen to pray each day for the month of January for a specific unreached people group that resides here in our state. It is our conviction that God has brought these peoples here in order that they might hear the gospel. Thank you for taking the time to pray that the gospel will come to these unreached people groups. Will you join us in prayer?

Text Message

You can sign up for a free daily text reminder by texting PRAYPND to 474747. Join us during January 2019 for 30 days of prayer for the unreached.

Daily Emails

Additionally, you can be prompted to pray through receiving a daily email with updates on what God is currently doing among that people group. You can sign up for those emails here.

To the right, you’ll find a link to a .pdf that provides the profiles of each people group along with next steps to engage the nations that live among us. 

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