Feb. 26, 2019

Green Street Baptist Church, High Point, N.C.

Join N.C. Baptists for the 2019 Disciple-Making Conference.

If you’ve been changed by Christ, it should lead to a life that’s marked by being a disciple who makes disciples. Main sessions and over 40 breakout sessions will focus on how to be salt and light in a rapidly changing culture.


John Stonestreet

President, Colson Center for Christian Worldview
As President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, John’s passion is to illuminate a biblical worldview for today’s culture. He’s a speaker, writer, cultural commentator, and collaborator of worldview initiatives.

Prior to his current role, John worked in various capacities with Summit Ministries including executive director, overseeing the various aspects of the ministry to accomplish its mission of cultivating rising generations to resolutely champion a Biblical worldview.

John holds a master of arts in Christian thought from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (IL). He is co-author of Restoring All Things: God’s Audacious Plan to Change the World through Ordinary People, of Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God’s Design for Marriage,  and Making Sense of Your World: A Biblical Worldview.

John and his wife Sarah were married in 2002. They and their three daughters and son live in Colorado Springs, CO.

Breakout Sessions

After the Gospel Conversation —
What’s Next?

Josh Reed, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Engaging in gospel conversation is a process rather than an event. Many people courageously share the gospel but then become stuck in a circle of dialogue, unable to move the conversation forward. This session will explore ways to lovingly and authentically call people to repentance, as well as the necessity and nature of follow-up.

Compelled by the Gospel to Love People and Hate Sin
Jeff Holder, Society Baptist Church, Statesville, N.C.
In a culture that increasingly calls what is evil good and what is good evil, we must learn to engage unbelievers with love. As disciple-makers, we must understand that it is unloving to fail to address sin. Loving others requires confronting their sinfulness.

Discipling Generosity
Kent Vincent, Auxano
As church leaders we are trained to disciple every area of spiritual maturity…except generosity. This session is designed to give you some practical tips on how to disciple generosity versus talk about money.

Equipping Families to Be Missional
Eric Simmons, Summerfield Baptist Church & Mark Smith, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Most likely, the community around your church is growing, but attendance on Sunday morning is not. Could it be the families of your church do not see their neighborhoods as a mission field? Do they understand why their neighborhoods are their mission field? Come learn about a missional family action plan to help equip families to be missionaries where they live. You will walk away from this session with several great resources and the confidence you need to put this plan into action.

How Technology is Distracting the Family
Merrie Johnson, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Are you perplexed with the impact of smartphones? Do you find yourself competing with texts and social media? With all the competing voices, how do you guide your child and build foundations for faith?

Immigration Is a Gospel Issue
Chuck Register, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
In the face of North Carolina’s rapidly growing international population, how should the church respond? Is there a biblical mandate to make disciples among immigrants, refugees and international students? If the answer is yes, what Great Commission strategies and methodologies might we use to reach our international neighbors with the life-transforming message of the gospel?

Marijuana: Stigma, Science and Scripture
Larry Lyon, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Our current cultural climate sees growing acceptance and use of marijuana and its by-products. In light of the opioid epidemic, current science and Scripture, Christians should be prepared to have meaningful conversations with our culture about marijuana, its effects and the gospel.

Pastor as Disciple-Maker
Sandy Marks, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
This session will equip the pastor to be a disciple-maker and provide him with a structure to create a disciple-making culture in his church.

The Vision Frame as a Discipling Tool
Bryan Rose, Auxano
Every pastor wants to make disciples, but few know how. Why? Because most of us were never discipled ourselves, we resort to a program-driven approach in classrooms and Bible studies. But the effectiveness of this method remains elusive, at best. In this session learn how to frame a culture of disciple-making designed to engage everyone in your church and fulfill your uniquely given Great Commission calling.

Basic Tools for Gospel Conversations
Caleb Sprinkle, First Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.
There are a million ways to get into a gospel conversation, but the question is: Do you know what to do once you are in one? In this session, you will gain practical tools both to share and train others in telling your story and God’s story competently, confidently and humbly. You will also spend time practicing in the session.

Core Curriculum for Disciple-Making in a Changing Culture
Ralph Garay, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Culture is constantly changing. Disciple-making fundamentals never change. All around North Carolina, God’s Spirit is stirring a new hunger for intentional discipleship that brings the character and competence of Jesus into the lives of ordinary people. The core curriculum for disciple-making contains loads of wisdom forged by many years of effective and fruitful disciple-making. This session will help you grow in your ability to make disciples of Jesus.

Discipling the Whole Person: A Guide to Living and Thinking Well in the Real World
Yana Conner, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
If we have been commissioned to make disciples by teaching them everything that Christ has commanded and the greatest commandment is to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, what kind of implications does this have for our discipleship process? Join us for a conversation on how these two commands work together and how to move towards a discipleship process that shepherds the whole person unto life in Christ.

Equipping Busy Parents to Be Confident Disciple-Makers in Today’s Culture
Mark Smith, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Many parents have busy schedules which makes discipling their children difficult. What if you and your church could come alongside parents to equip them to be confident disciple-makers? Despite the hectic pace of everyday life, this training makes disciple-making in the home natural and easy. Come learn how you can equip the parents of your congregation to be confident disciple-makers.

How Do We Make Disciples in Multihousing Communities?
Zac Lyons, Brian Norris, Joe Maye, K.O. Grissett, 
Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
This session, facilitated by catalysts coming from the trenches of ministry, will help you go from theory to practice in multifamily housing ministry. These catalysts will work through real life scenarios to develop and implement disciple-making strategies, allowing attendees to experience firsthand the decision-making process of engaging their neighbors in multifamily housing communities.

Living in a Culture of Compromise
Missie Branch, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Living in a culture where living “set apart” can seem difficult, society communicates it is acceptable to step over boundaries and live as you want. Compromise seems like the only way to function in the world. But Scripture tells believers something different. This session will focus on how those who name the name of Christ can still live according to biblical absolutes without compromising the truth of Scripture.

Millennial Parents: Understanding, Equipping and Empowering
Cheryl Markland, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Millennials have broken the mold on the priority of church attendance. We will explore what makes millennials different from previous generations and what your church can do to understand, equip and empower millennial parents as disciples who make disciples.

Sharing Christ with the LGBT Community 
Meleah Allard, New Beginning Support Ministry & Steve Harris, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
The population segment of the LGBT community is growing across the state. The power of the gospel will transform anyone who responds to the unity of truth and love. Hear the story of one whose life has been transformed and who now is committed to reach as many as possible with the gospel in this community.

Training Leaders to Teach Those Who’ve Never Heard
Rick Hughes, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
As Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” We must admit that we are no longer in Bible Belt Christianity. In this session, you will learn how to assimilate people from different cultures and philosophies into biblical community.

Bondage and Freedom: Pornography Addiction & the Local Church
Scott Hildreth, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
This session will be an honest discussion about the plague of pornography and the way it devastates men and women in our churches. The session will also provide some handles for helping people find freedom from pornography.

Cultural Backdrop: How Did We Get Here?
Ashley Allen, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Many in our churches and world today wonder how our society and culture arrived where we are currently. How can we better understand society in order to reach those who are far from God with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Ministry does not take place in a vacuum, and culture affects how people think and respond to the gospel. This session will provide an understanding of how society moved from a modern to postmodern culture.

Dynamic Discipleship from Mundane Ministry
Chris Griggs, Denver Baptist Church, Denver, N.C.
Pastoral ministry can be filled with many mundane moments — studying for sermons, visiting the sick and various meetings. How can a pastor find time to make disciples when his calendar is already full of normal ministry responsibilities? This session will discuss some ways a pastor can shepherd the flock well by making disciples.

Finding Joy in Your Work
Boomer Brown, Doing Good at Work
The single most effective place to meet people where they are and lead them into a living relationship with God is at work. Develop a new way of thinking about how finding joy in your work – whether you’re a housewife, business owner, pastor, employer or employee – builds relationships, produces results and leads to flourishing. Changing the way you work can change the world for Christ.

How to Develop a Group Strategy that Engages People Outside of Church Culture
Jay McGuirk, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, N.C.
The assumption of most church programming is “People go to church and when they go to church, we want them to come to ours.” However, evidence indicates that this is no longer true. Learn how to connect with people who are far from God and help them take their first steps to follow Jesus.

Loving Our Neighbors through Baptist Immigration Services
Antonio Santos & Larry Phillips, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Learn the biblical basis as to why you should engage immigrants among you as well as practical ways that you can make disciples of the foreigners the Lord is bringing to your doorsteps.

Ministry in a Secular Age
Chase Gardner, Hope Community Church, Raleigh, N.C.
As American culture becomes more and more secularized and fragmented, does the gospel still offer hope and meaning? How should we preach and lead in this context we find ourselves in? During this session, learn from a pastor who planted a church in one of the most secular areas of North Carolina and hear personal stories of the gospel taking root in the most unlikely of lives.

The Church in a Community of Clashing Cultures
Russ Reaves, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Gospel-centered, biblical preaching and teaching is a necessary element of a robust disciple-making strategy. Disciple-making requires more than good preaching and teaching, but it must include it. We will examine Scripture, case studies and contemporary research as we explore this topic.

Using your unique design in evangelism and disciple-making
Tom Howe, Unleashed by Design
Stop trying to be like everyone else. Evangelism and disciple-making is not meant to be robotic and standardized. Come join the conversation on what it looks like to use your unique God-given design to help make disciples of Christ.

Christ and the Clash of Converging Cultures
James Weddington,
Eastern Hills Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.
How do believers and churches engage culture with the gospel and how do they navigate conflicts inherent in converging cultures? This session will help you better understand the impact of culture to the mission of God and the implications for evangelism and disciple-making.

Disciple-Grid: Evaluating your Discipleship Strategy
Walker Armstrong, Pilot Mountain Baptist Association
We all desire to be part of God’s mission of making disciples, but sometimes we get overwhelmed with how to go about ensuring that we are accomplishing this great objective. This session looks at how to build models that help us accurately assess how we are doing in this ultimate kingdom enterprise.

Elementary Principles of the World
Josh Reed, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Ever feel like you need to learn world philosophy and culture in order to share the gospel with people from different backgrounds? This session will teach a basic template that can be applied to share the gospel in any context. Starting with what the apostle Paul calls the “elementary principles of the world,” you will gain confidence and competence to make disciples no matter what culture we find ourselves in.

Gospeling: Recognizing Opportunities and Transitioning Conversations
George Robinson, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
This session will equip participants to recognize gospeling opportunities in their everyday rhythms of life and then focus on how to transition those conversations from the mundane to the Master through asking relevant questions, listening and ministering to the whole person.

How to Connect with Neighbors Who Are Different from You
Ken Tan & Neal Eller, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Oftentimes we ask people to connect with Jesus, and we haven’t even connected with them. Experience a highly participatory, active and fun session to learn the first step of connecting with your neighbor to build a loving relationship. Also, learn how you can be trained to teach “The Six Stages of Cultural Mastery” to leaders in your church.

Making Disciples on the College Campus
Darrick Smith, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Our culture is rapidly changing, and there is nowhere this is more evident than on the college campus. Hear from the Baptist state convention’s Collegiate Partnerships Team about the current North Carolina collegiate landscape and how your church can be part of impacting lostness on the college campus.

Partnering to Reach the Unreached Wherever They Are
Zac Lyons, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina & Terry Sharp, International Mission Board
How could partnering with our International Mission Board missionaries working among unreached peoples globally help your church to more effectively reach the unreached peoples who have migrated from around the world to be your neighbors?

The New Sexual Orthodoxy: Critical Issues Facing the Church
John Stonestreet, The Colson Center
Sex, marriage and babies. The connection of these topics is obvious for believers, but how can churches thrive in a world that sees little relationship between the three? This session will address why sexual ethics is at the heart of the current worldview debate and how we can respond with the hope of the gospel.


9:00 a.m.

Main Session

10:30 a.m.

Equipping Session 1

11:30 a.m.


12:45 p.m.

Equipping Session 2

2:00 p.m.

Equipping Session 3

3:15 p.m.

Main Session

4:00 p.m.


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