Feb. 25

Green Street Baptist Church
High Point, N.C.

Make plans to join N.C. Baptists for the 2020 Disciple-Making Conference.

Most of the challenges in making disciples can be summed up in the phrase “competing priorities.” What if there was one priority that rose to the top? Come learn how putting the gospel above everything can propel your church forward in impacting lostness through disciple-making. With over 40 breakouts to choose from, you will find practical tips and best practices for sharing and living out the gospel.


Jimmy Scroggins

Lead Pastor, Family Church, West Palm Beach, Florida
Jimmy Scroggins has served at Family Church since July 2008. Under Jimmy’s leadership, Family Church has grown to a network of 12 neighborhood churches of various languages. Jimmy co-authored Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations and currently hosts “Church for the Rest of Us” podcast at familychurchnetwork.com. He also serves in several leadership positions within the denomination in addition to teaching as a visiting professor at both Southern and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminaries. He and his wife, Kristin, have 8 children. 

Breakout Sessions

A Pastor’s Approach to Discipling Younger Men

Ed Rose
senior pastor, Central Baptist Church, Wendell
Discover one pastor’s approach to identifying and investing in young men for spiritual maturity and multiplication.

Current Disciple-Making Practices in the Charlotte Area

Caleb Sprinkle
director of mobilization, First Baptist Church Charlotte

Come meet Caleb Sprinkle, the Disciple N.C. catalyst for region six and the Greater Charlotte area. Hear stories of where God is at work and have a discussion around best practices for making disciples in and around this region.

Developing a Personal Evangelism and Discipleship Process

Steve Harris, 
Blue Ridge strategy coordinator, BSCNC

Join us as we consider the steps of preparing the field of lostness, sowing the seed of the gospel, cultivating the new growth and reaping the harvest of enfolding new believers into the body of Christ. Several models will be introduced.

Disciple-Making Triads

Michael Sowers
pastor, Buies Creek First Baptist Church

Disciple-making is often assumed in a church body because we have programs that we assume are making disciples. The hard truth is that oftentimes we have many members who have never been discipled. Come hear from a pastor whose church is on a new journey of disciple-making through triads. Learn what that journey looks like and how it might apply in your context to produce mature followers of Christ.  


How to Multiply Your Group Ministry Without Losing the Disciple-Making Focus

Trea Brinson
pastor, Restoration Church

Is it possible that your focus on multiplying groups has become more important than disciple-making? This breakout will allow you to learn how to implement a plan that encompasses both important values.


La Obra Grande de Dios en Hoyos de Perdición
God’s Great Work in Pockets of Lostness in N.C.

John Davenport
Triangle strategy coordinator, BSCNC
Amaury Santos
senior consultant, Hispanic Ministry, BSCNC 

En esta sesión vamos a examinar las concentraciones de personas viviendo en los “Hoyos de Perdición” (pockets of lostness) en Carolina del Norte. Al entender la demografía buscaremos puntos de contacto para iglesias hispanas. Veremos cómo está obrando nuestro Señor, y las oportunidades que tenemos como iglesias si estamos dispuestos a llevar el evangelio adónde Él nos manda. Con ese desafío, queremos preguntarnos qué pasos podemos tomar para impactar esa perdición con la estrategia de hacer discípulos.

In this session we are going to examine the concentrations of people living in “pockets of lostness” in North Carolina. By understanding the demographics we will look for points of connection for Hispanic churches. We will see how our Lord is working, and the opportunities we have as churches if we are willing to take the gospel where He commands us. With that challenge, we want to ask ourselves what steps we can take to impact lostness through disciple making.
*This session is being offered in Spanish.


Praying and Sharing: The Role of Prayer in Disciple-Making

Ashley Allen
senior consultant, Embrace Women’s Ministry, BSCNC

When Paul penned his letter to the church at Colossae, he told them to devote themselves to prayer while also asking the Lord to open a door for Paul and others to “speak forth the mystery of Christ” (Colossians 4:2-4). Paul recognized the necessary role prayer plays in disciple-making, but do we? We are often left with the desire for family and friends to come into a relationship with Christ, but do not know how to pray for them. This breakout session will examine what the Bible says about prayer and making disciples, while also providing practical tips for how to begin praying with a disciple-making focus.


Shaping Disciple-Making Culture in Small Churches

Russ Reaves
Triad strategy coordinator, BSCNC

Small church leaders often assume that their church is incapable of making a significant impact on the lostness in their communities. In this session, we will discuss three simple and sustainable strategies for disciple-making that a church of any size — even the smallest congregation — can utilize to advance the gospel and make disciples in neighborhoods around the church building and the homes of church members.


Using Technologies for Disciple-Making

Sammy Joo
senior consultant, Asian Ministries, BSCNC 
Simon Touprong
pastor, Vietnamese New Hope Baptist Church

In this session, you will hear how modern technologies such as podcasts and Youtube can be used to multiply efforts to make disciples of all nations.


How Can We Create a Viral Culture of Disciple-Making?

Bryan Rose
senior lead navigator, Auxano

We have all seen the hilarious memes and engaging videos that dominate our social media feeds. Many of us laugh and share, sending them on to our family and friends. Our culture understands the viral nature of a compelling story and greater meaning, but do our churches? In this breakout session, we will unpack five essential qualities of a viral culture of disciple-making and provide three easy-to-apply next steps in creating contagious followers of Jesus.


The Priority of Worship in Church Revitalization

Sandy Marks, senior consultant, Church Health and Revitalization, BSCNC
Lee Chewning, Pastor of Worship and Arts, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem
When we think of worship, our minds often go to Sunday morning and music style. However, in an effective revitalization process, personal involvement as well as a biblical understanding of worship is crucial for both leaders and the congregation. This session will explore practical methods of utilizing worship as a major component in implementing a disciple-making strategy needed for church revitalization.

Abiding in the Vine to Love Our Neighbors Well

Anna Kilby
High Country BSM, Boone

One of the things Jesus tells His disciples in the “abide” passage is that He loves His disciples as the Father has loved Him. His disciples are to love their fellow disciples this way, but they are also to love the world with the love that can come only from Christ. Sometimes it can be difficult to love our neighbors, even when we know we are commanded to do so. How can we do this well so we might have opportunities to share the gospel with them? This breakout session will focus on what Jesus says about abiding in His love, how His followers do this, and how His followers can rest in Him in an effort to share the love of Christ with their neighbors.


Current Disciple-Making Practices in the Boone Area

Seth Norris
senior pastor, Perkinsville Baptist Church
Come meet Seth Norris, the Disciple N.C. catalyst for region seven and Boone area. Hear stories of where God is at work and have a discussion around best practices for making disciples in and around this region.

Disciple-Making and the Academy: From Classroom Seats to Neighborhood Streets

George Robinson
associate professor of evangelism & missions, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

This breakout will explore the place of the academy in making disciples, examine its benefits and limitations, and explore some key things the academy is offering to local churches to help catalyze and strengthen disciple-making.

Five Steps to Reaching the Unreached Through Sending

Mark Gray
contract catalyst, Church Planting NC

Want your church to have a greater kingdom impact? Have you been given eyes to see the unreached? Can any size church become a sending church? Come discover five steps to reach the unreached through new initiatives. All participants will receive a free resource.


Hero Maker: 5 Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Godly Leaders

Corey Alley
contract catalyst, Church Planting NC

Become that rare breed of leader who brings change into our world by sacrificially investing in others who become the heroes. Based on the book Hero Maker by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird, this session explores five powerful practices found in Jesus’ ministry. Come learn strategies to multiply your dreams, initiate permission giving, develop an apprenticeship system that works, activate your leaders’ gifts and develop a simple scoreboard that measures kingdom-building progress.


Ministry Excellence in a Culture of ‘Good Enough’

Josh Hill
Apex campus pastor, The Summit Church 

The local church is charged to make disciples — women and men who say “yes” to the gospel, grow in the gospel, and go with the gospel. However, if the gospel is the greatest message ever known, why does the church often operate as if it’s just another scrolling message on a Twitter feed? From environments and systems to sending out the church, details matter for the sake of gospel and the effectiveness of “God’s Plan A,” the local church.


Presenting the Plan of Salvation to Children

Cheryl Markland
senior consultant, Childhood Evangelism and Discipleship, BSCNC
One of the greatest honors in children’s ministry is the opportunity to present the gospel to a child. We will explore several methods of presenting the gospel to a child in clear, age-appropriate ways. A bonus to learning how to present the gospel clearly to a child is knowing you are equipped to present the gospel to anyone! We will also learn how intentional gospel teaching prepares a child’s heart to receive this wonderful message of salvation.


Sharing the Gospel With Neighbors of Other Faiths

James Cooper
missionary, First Baptist Church, Durham
Jonathan Derbyshire
missionary, Imago Dei Church, Raleigh
John Messiah
Summit Church, Durham
We live in a world where we sit next to a Muslim friend in class, live across the street from a Hindu or work at a coffee shop with a Buddhist. God is bringing unreached peoples from around the world to be our neighbors, which provides amazing opportunities for the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Come learn how to use the “3 Circles” evangelism tool and adapt it to share with people from other world religions.


The Sending Church Collective: God’s Great Collaboration

Mike Pittman
team leader, Church Planting, BSCNC
Sending disciples to the unreached may not be a common activity among churches today. However, throughout the Bible, taking the initiative to send servants to preach the gospel is a common theme. A sending church revolution will take place only through collaboration of local churches — God’s thing over our thing.


The Future of Groups Ministry in Your Church

Rick Hughes
senior consultant, Sunday School and Small Groups, BSCNC
Our landscape and culture are constantly changing. Groups in our churches are the main platform for making disciples. What dynamics will need to be in place for groups to disciple others in the coming years? This session will give you practical principles to think through for the future of your groups.

Basic Tools for Gospel Conversations

Josh Reed
senior consultant, Adult Evangelism and Discipleship, BSCNC

There are a million ways to get into a gospel conversation, but what matters most is what you say once you’re in the conversation. Come learn more about the “6 Words” and “3 Circles” tools to help you become more confident and competent in communicating the hope of the gospel and how it’s changed your life.


Current Disciple-Making Practices in the Triangle Area

Andrew Ivester
pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Durham

Come meet Andrew Ivester, the Disciple N.C. catalyst for region four and the Triangle area. Hear stories of where God is at work and have a discussion around best practices for making disciples in and around this region.

Disciple-Making From the Front Seat: Pastoral Leadership and Disciple-Making

Robert Hefner
senior pastor, Pleasant Garden Baptist Church

As leaders and tone-setters, pastors know they must be the model for a disciple-making culture in their churches. But sometimes the responsibilities of pastoral leadership can feel like they get in the way of disciple-making. Budgets, leadership meetings, visits, deaths, sermon preparation, and other duties can quickly fill up a pastor’s schedule, leaving seemingly little time to fulfill Jesus’ key command. We will walk through some of the strategies to intentionally make disciples from the front seat of pastoral leadership.


From College & Career Sunday School to Disciple-Making Community

Yana Conner
contractor, Collegiate Partnerships, BSCNC
Ryan Smith
associate pastor of college ministries, Lawndale Baptist Church

Fewer and fewer young adults are landing in Sunday School classes. So how can a church transform a struggling college and career class into an effective disciple-making community that reaches deep into lostness? This session will offer practical tips and tweaks that can bring about significant change. 

How Technology Is Changing Us

Merrie Johnson
senior consultant, Youth Evangelism and Discipleship, BSCNC

Technology is here to stay, but how it influences us and our families is a choice we need to consider. We make choices every day. Some of those choices include: What kind of lives we want to live in our households, what kind of relationships we want with the people closest to us, and what kind of people we are becoming. Is our current use of technology helping us become people of wisdom, courage and love? Join us as we look at how to create balance in our homes with technology in its proper place.

Multiplying Disciple-Making Churches: The Jeff and Jennifer Story

Ralph Garay
senior consultant, Asian Church Planting, BSCNC

This is the story of “Jeff” and “Jennifer.” We call them Jeff and Jennifer because “JF” stands for “Jesus Follower.” This is not the story of a “missionary” but of any follower of Jesus. (Share the gospel and teach them to make disciples.) We call this process “planting reproducing churches (or communities) through modeling and equipping” based on Acts 2:37-47.

Reaching and Discipling Bohemians in a Postmodern Age

Trent Holbert
lead pastor, The Ridge Church

Hear the story and experience of planting a church that has successfully reached Bohemian hippies in the mountains of western North Carolina. Gain practical tips for successfully reaching people who are far from Christ in your community.

The Joy in Church Revitalization

Ryan Hearn
senior pastor, Brookwood Baptist Church

This breakout will examine biblical and practical wisdom regarding prayer and patience in cultivating joy in a current revitalization context. By exploring the Bible, hearing actual examples and discussing situational wisdom, attendees will come away with a greater sense of confidence in the Holy Spirit’s role in cultivating true joy in church revitalization.

The Sermon Starts in the Parking Lot

Danny Franks
pastor of guest services, The Summit Church

Every Sunday is somebody’s first Sunday. How do you make sure your first-time guests feel welcomed, cared for and expected to return? Come learn five practical steps to increase the “guest awareness culture” at your church.


When the Kiddos Leave

Jonathan Yarboro, team leader, Collegiate Partnerships, BSCNC
Micah Ray, associate pastor, Life Community Church, Jamestown
How does a church reach college students at the campus next door while simultaneously caring for the homegrown kiddos who have gone away to college? Many churches do one or the other well, but it’s possible to balance both. This session will cover practical tips for reaching new students without giving up on the old.


Living the D-Life: Disciple-Making. Anytime. Anywhere.

Barry Owen
associate pastor of married adults, Lawndale Baptist Church

What if you could successfully equip and empower everyone in your ministry for a lifestyle of disciple-making? What if everyone embraced disciple-making as a way of life instead of a program of the church? What if believers all over the world started living out their supreme purpose in life and started making disciples just like Jesus? D-Life is a simple, biblical, missional and reproducible process for equipping every believer for a lifestyle of disciple-making. With the Bible as your only textbook, it is a process that will work in any size congregation.


Creating a Disciple-Making Culture in Group Life

Walker Armstrong
executive director, Pilot Mountain Baptist Association

Disciple-making culture is a term tossed about all the time. However, there is little movement in churches or groups where this is taking place. What are the dynamics to creating a disciple-making culture, and how do we implement them? This session will help answer those questions by providing practical steps and principles to assist you in your context.

Developing a Discipleship Pathway

Steven Wade
senior pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Youngsville

This breakout will help leaders develop a clear discipleship pathway for their church, cast vision for discipleship as the central focus of the ministry and mission of the church, and strategize about how to implement changes that make the discipleship pathway the core of the church.


Disciple-Making Tactics

Chuck Campbell
Unifour strategy coordinator, BSCNC

This session explores the difference between strategy and tactics, between plans and action. An often overlooked area in our disciple-making models surrounds tactics to fulfill them. Join us as we look at practical disciple-making tactics that put plans into action, tactics with a proven track record that can be applied to any model or strategy.


Equipping Parents to be Missional in Their Homes and Neighborhoods

Mark Smith
senior consultant, Family Evangelism and Discipleship, BSCNC
Eric Simmons
associate pastor to students, Summerfield First Baptist Church

Jamie Burkett
pastor of students and discipleship, Gate City Baptist Church

Do families in your congregation see their homes or neighborhoods as a mission field? While communities are growing around our churches, attendance on Sunday mornings is suffering. Why is this happening? Could it be that parents are not equipped to engage their homes and communities with the gospel? The N.C. Baptist Faith at Home Ministry has developed a new resource called “Acts 2:39 Missional Families,” a seven-week small group study written intentionally for parents. Join us to learn more on how equipping your parents can lead to revitalization in your church.


Importance of Assimilation to Connect People to Where Real Church Happens

James Zik
associate pastor, Beach Road Baptist Church

Assimilation is the beginning where people move into the life of your church. Church attendance does not make a disciple. Discipling takes place in group life. This session will provide you with practical ideas to assimilate people into groups where real church happens.


Networking to Fulfill the Great Commission

Scott Setzer
South Roanoke Baptist Association

Why should we network with other churches to impact lostness and make disciples? What are the barriers and benefits of networking with other churches? How do we develop true kingdom advancing, disciple-making networks? We will address these questions and draw principles from one of the Apostle Paul’s associates who networked with others to fulfill the Great Commission.


Revival, Spiritual Awakening and Making Disciples

Chris Schofield
director, Office of Prayer, BSCNC

Using James 4 as the biblical backdrop, this session will explore the key roles that revival and spiritual awakening play in making disciples who make disciples.


The True Heart of Disciple-Making

Carson Cobb
student pastor, North Wake Church

In order to persevere in the hard work of disciple-making, we must be motivated by a force stronger than duty, ambition or guilt. We must return to the heart of disciple-making, and it’s not curriculum, tools, or strategies. It is love. In the New Testament, the apostles referred to their ”disciples” as their family. They called them their children, their brothers, their sisters. This breakout will examine the role of deep affection in disciple-making found in 1 Thessalonians 2.


Tomando Los Próximos Pasos: Desarrollando Discípulos que Hacen Discípulos
Getting to the Next Step: Reproducing Disciple-Makers

John Davenport
Triangle strategy coordinator, BSCNC
Amaury Santos
senior consultant, Hispanic Ministry, BSCNC 

Al examinar el discipulado en nuestras iglesias, nos preguntamos: ¿Es bíblico? ¿Es simple? ¿Es reproducible? Y ¿Nos lleva a tomar el próximo paso? Para hacer discípulos que hacen discípulos y así impactar a muchos más, tenemos que levantar una fuerza de laicos que tengan confianza en Cristo y compromiso para Su gloria. En este taller vamos a examinar la estrategia de los “cuatro campos” y compartir algunas herramientas para ayudarnos a discipular y entrenar a otros para gran impacto en el Reino.

As we examine discipleship in our churches, we ask ourselves: Is it biblical? Is it simple? Is it reproducible? And does it lead us to take the next step? To make disciples who make disciples and thus impact many more, we have to build up a force of lay workers who have confidence in Christ and commitment to His glory. In this workshop we will examine the “four fields” strategy and share some tools to help us disciple and train others for great kingdom impact.
*This session is being offered in Spanish.


How to Ask Good Questions

Yana Conner
author and speaker

What if effective disciple-making is more about knowing how to ask the right questions than having all the right answers? In the Gospels, Jesus asked 183 questions and only answered three. In this session, you will learn how to ask questions that foster obedience to Christ’s commands and help God’s people think and live counter-culturally.


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