Sept. 16-27

Southeast Asia

Vision Trips allow pastors and mission leaders to see what God is doing and learn how churches or a network of churches can get involved.

Understanding Southeast Asia:
Southeast Asia is home to 2,728 people groups and the world’s largest Muslim population. Muslims, Buddhists, and animists are among the 7.7 million Southeast Asians who have never heard that freedom is found in Christ. For a helpful document that will help you get a quick look at Southeast Asia, follow this link for fast facts. Also, consider watching this gripping video.

Purpose of this Vision Trip:
This vision trip will be for North Carolina pastors and leaders to explore how they might partner alongside of church planters and missionaries in each of these strategic areas. Our hope is for every person on this trip to walk away having a clear understanding for how their church might partner in prayer, participation, and provision with church planters and missionaries they had the opportunity to meet through this trip (Phil. 1:3-11; 2:19-30; 4:10-20).

Please contact us for scholarship information for international vision tours.

Tentative Schedule:
Sept. 16-17: Leave from North Carolina and arrive in SE Asia.
Sept. 18: Orientation.
Sept. 19-25: Travel out to surrounding regions; have meetings with field personnel, national planters, and other ministry leaders; participate alongside them in a variety of ministry activities; learn, train and equip.
Sept. 26: Debrief.
Sept. 27: Return to North Carolina.

Registration deadline: Monday, July 1, 2019

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