March 21, 2020

Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, Charlotte, N.C.

The TELL conference is designed to equip leaders to make disciples more effectively through gospel-centered teaching, training ministry teachers and leaders, Vacation Bible School (VBS) training, classroom management, and creating safe and secure ministry environments.

This conference will address:

  • Developing a comprehensive safety and security plan for children’s ministry.
  • Partnering with parents in the disciple-making process.
  • Creating a discipleship plan from children to youth.
  • Implementing effective classroom discipline.
  • Plus dozens of other topics related to children’s ministry.

An additional opportunity for developing family ministries in your church and maximizing your VBS effort will be offered in afternoon breakout sessions.

$20 per person (includes lunch)
$100 for groups of five or more (includes lunch)

Featured Speakers

Delanee Wiliiams

Delanee Williams serves as a ministry specialist with LifeWay Kids. She has served on kids ministry staffs and currently teaches preschoolers and children at her church in the Nashville, Tenn., area. Delanee is a graduate of Baylor University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She is passionate about developing, equipping and encouraging leaders.

Breakout Sessions

Classroom Management and Discipline
One of the challenges of teaching any age group is channeling the attention and energy of the children in your class. What are some basics of discipline and how does your classroom management play an important role in discipline?

Hispanic VBS
VBS is a tremendous evangelistic and outreach ministry in any setting. Come learn how to dig deep to build a lasting foundation using Hispanic resources offered for VBS 2020, Construction and Cranes.

Mission Education, Flip or Flop? (RAs, GAs, CIA, Mission Friends)
RAs, GAs and Mission Friends have a rich history of mission education but in reality are fading in many Baptist churches today. How can you revive and have a flourishing mission education ministry in your church?
First impressions: It has been reported that guests make a decision about returning to a church within their first 11 minutes on the church campus. What are ways you can make sure guests have a great first visit?

Special Needs: Autism Self-contained Spaces
Sensory issues are often a challenge for children with autism. Quiet, sensory sensitive spaces can help a child with autism find success at church. What are some ways your church can provide a self-contained or sensory sensitive space for these children?

VBS: Children’s
Construction and Cranes and Encounters with Christ! Explore how we can lead children to build their foundation on Jesus.

VBS: Preschool
Get ready for 2020 VBS, Construction and Cranes! Explore Lifeway’s Preschool VBS as children encounter Jesus in a fun and exciting way.

Equipping Families to be Missional
The Faith At Home ministry has developed a new resource for parents that will help them share the gospel in their homes and communities. The Acts 2:39 Bible study will help the families of your church be intentional in fulfilling the Great Commission. Come discover how this easy-to-use 7-week resource can transform your family ministry.

Kids Reaching Kids for Christ
Disciple-making begins at home but can travel to school, the ballfield and playground if children are equipped to share their faith with their friends. How are you and the parents of your church leading your children to be disciple-makers wherever they go?

Reaching Gen Why
Generation Y (millennials) brings its own culture and set of expectations to the church. Why are many resistant to church but say they love God? What can the church do to impact this generation and their children for the kingdom of God?

Teaching Infants through Twos
How do we intentionally move from only providing childcare to discipling young children at church? Explore how music, crafts, story, prayer and more can be used to teach these young learners and start them on a strong foundation of faith.

VBS Director
Put on your hard hat and get ready to lead your construction crew in building an amazing VBS!

Vision and Children’s Ministry
As a children’s leader you may sometimes feel like a caged hamster caught in a ministry wheel. Come get reenergized in leadership by getting off the ministry wheel and moving toward a more purposeful vision and clear strategic focus.

Games that Teach
A great way to get the attention and hearts of children is through movement activities. Get ready to have fun and learn to teach through Bible learning games.

Lifeway Curriculum Overview
Come check out the resources LifeWay offers for children’s ministry and how they can enrich the way you teach.

Safety and Security in Your Children’s Ministry
It is the responsibility of church leaders to do all they can to create safe and secure teaching environments. What steps does your church need to take to make your teaching environments as safe and secure as possible? 

Teaching Others How to Read the Bible with Confidence
Many people say, “The Bible is hard to understand,” or “I start reading the Bible in January but I can’t get past Leviticus,” or “I don’t have time to read the Bible.” This breakout will equip you to teach others how to read God’s Word with confidence. You will receive instruction and easy to use tools that will make exploring, understanding and applying God’s Word natural and easy.

VBS Extras: Music and Games
Construction and Cranes has great music and games that both inspire and teach. Check out ways to maximize both for encountering Jesus!

Wednesday Night Live
Many churches are finding that Wednesday nights are prime time for discipling children but require different techniques than Sunday morning. Learn ways you can liven up your Wednesday evenings to capture the attention and hearts of children in your church and community.

Hispanic Children’s Ministry
Many churches have a separate Hispanic ministry for their Spanish speaking community. Learn ways that Hispanic children of the church can have a great discipleship experience while at church.

Milestone Ministry Resources
We celebrate important milestone moments with parents, but what if we used these special times to better equip and train parents for making disciples at home? Let’s explore ideas for expanding milestone celebrations into family disciple-making opportunities.

Special Needs: Autism Inclusion
Today it is estimated that one in fifty-eight children fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. Teaching children with autism can be both immensely challenging and rewarding. Learn more about autism and how your church can meet the needs of children with autism as well as minister to their families.

Using Youth in Children’s Ministry and VBS
VBS is a great way to include and train youth leaders for ministry. What do you need to know to make this leadership opportunity count in the lives of the youth of your church?

VBS Extras: Crafts and Decorations
Crafts and decorating for VBS can be both fun and challenging. Discover ways to make your teaching environment interesting while offering crafts that are avenues to reinforce Bible truth.


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Welcome and Keynote

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Breakout Session 1

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Breakout Session 4

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