April 27

Salem Baptist Church
Apex, N.C.

The TELL conference is designed to equip leaders to more effectively make disciples through gospel-centered teaching, training ministry teachers and leaders, VBS training, classroom management, and creating safe and secure ministry environments.

An additional opportunity for developing family ministries in your church, and maximizing your VBS effort, will be offered in afternoon breakout sessions.

Cost is $10 for morning training only and $15 for all-day training and lunch. The group rate for six or more is $50 for morning only and $75 for all-day training and lunch.

Featured Speaker

Bill Emeott

Bill Emeott serves as lead ministry specialist for LifeWay Kids. A graduate of Mercer University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Bill has served as a kid’s minister and considers himself a professional Sunday School teacher. He currently teaches second grade Bible study at his home church in Nashville.

Breakout Sessions

VBS Training: Preschool
Come get a first hand look at what this year’s VBS, “Into the Wild” has to offer the preschoolers in your church. Discover how the theme will be woven into the Bible story presentations, crafts, games and conversations that leaders will plan and present. Get a jumpstart on this summer’s standout, VBS!

Teacher Training: Preschool 101
Having a strong foundation of understanding how preschoolers learn is crucial to effective teaching. Come discover the basics of leading preschoolers and how age appropriate language and activities can make your teaching an important part of the spiritual development of preschoolers.

Special Needs: Teaching and Leading Children with Special Needs
Children and families with special needs is often overlooked as a people group in our churches and communities. Come learn what it takes to successfully incorporate this special group of people into your children’s ministry.

Kids Ministry Topics: Leading a Child to Christ
One of the most important aspects of children’s ministry is presenting the gospel to a child in a clear understandable way. Learn how to have a conversation with a child about becoming a Christian, how to offer a large group evangelistic presentation and how to equip parents to lead their own child to Christ.

Afternoon Sessions: VBS Extras (2 Sessions)
Come have fun learning about and experiencing some of the wonderful crafts, games and music from “Into the Wild” VBS!

VBS Training: Grades 1-4
VBS can be a time of intentional and extended presentation of the gospel through Bible stories and activities. Come get a head start on this year’s VBS, ”Into the Wild” through an overview of the Bible stories, games, crafts and gospel presentations.

Teacher Training: Elementary 101
Elementary age children form the foundation of their moral and spiritual lives during their elementary years. Come learn how effective teaching using age appropriate language, activities and gospel conversation can impact children for life.

Special Needs: Ministry with Families with Children with Special Needs
Many times families with a child with special needs feel excluded by churches who are not prepared to minister to their special child. This may limit church participation of their siblings. The added stressors of life with a child with special needs can impact marriages. Come learn what can your church do to get ready to minister to these families.

Kids Ministry Topics: Teaching Children to be Mission-minded
Children have the potential to be a great light in our lost world! Hands on mission involvement and mission education at an early age inspires a mission mindset for life. Discover how church leaders, parents, and grandparents can recognize their role in teaching children what it means to live on mission for Jesus.

Engaging Millennial Parents
Millennial parents are looking for a different kind of church. Come discover what makes millennials tick and ways your church can engage with this generation of parents.

Afternoon Session: Teaching in Motion*
Using Art, Science, Music and Games to Point Preschoolers and Children to Jesus! (*Hickory, N.C. location only)
Join us for an interactive, hands-on session where you’ll experience practical examples and creative methods of teaching that will put preschoolers and children “in motion” to learning and growing in God’s Word!


VBS Training: Preteen
Important relationships with leaders and other preteens can be fostered and developed during VBS. LIfe decisions and Biblical worldview can be cultivated through the concentrated time of Bible study, crafts, games and worship. Come get a first look at what this year’s VBS, “Into the Wild” offers the preteens of your church and community.

Teacher Training: Gospel Centered Kids Ministry
As teachers we sometimes skirt around gospel conversations and gospel presentations because of our lack of confidence or experience. Come learn how a focused gospel centered ministry weaves the gospel message of Jesus through all aspects of your teaching and can lead children to develop a biblical worldview.

Kids Ministry Topics: Generation Z
Generation Z is the name given to children and teens ages 2 through 18. They are a product of the experiences and culture of previous generations but are uniquely wired to lead our world through an entrepreneurial spirit and drive. They are determined to make our world a better place but how and where does spiritual development fit into this picture? Come learn how you can more effectively lead and engage this generation in your churches and homes.

Kids Ministry Topics: Turn Your World Around: Easy ways kids can study the Bible for themselves
*Apex, N.C. location only
We teach lessons from the Bible at church but do children know where to begin studying the Bible for themselves? God’s word can change the world! Come learn a fun way to teach kids to study the Bible for themselves and unleash its power in their lives.

Topics in Children’s Ministry: Safety and Security Policy and Procedures
Protecting our children and creating a safe place for them to learn about the love of Christ is the most important responsibility we have as church leaders. Learn more about how to equip your church with the necessary policies and procedures to ensure your children and your workers are protected.

VBS Training: Directors
VBS directors are the pivot person for a successful VBS. They plan, direct, enlist and oversee all aspects of VBS. Come learn basic steps that directors need to take to make this year’s VBS “Into the Wild” a successful, life changing event in the life of your church and community.

Teacher Training: Classroom Management and Discipline
Discipline is often viewed as what teachers expect from children and what teachers impose on children who do not obey the rules. What if we work from the premise that how we construct and manage our classrooms plays a major role in how children behave and learn while in our classrooms? Come learn what changes teachers can make to improve classroom behavior and discipline in their learning environments.

Kids Ministry Topics: Ministering to Families in Crisis
Today’s families are under assault. Lack of time and resources, two full time working parents, single parenting, electronic media and life events all impact how families relate to each other and the church. Come learn how your church can support and come alongside families in crisis.

Afternoon Sessions: Scorecard Lite (Covers 2 Sessions)
As young people continue to walk away from the church and their faith, churches must equip parents as the primary disciple makers in the lives of their children and teens. Family ministry does not have to create another ministry silo or add to the the busy calendars of our parents. Family ministry works best when it is infused into existing ministries at church. Come learn how a family ministry mindset helps church equip parents to fulfill the Great Commandment and Great Commission at home and on the go and change the Scorecard in a disciple-making culture.


8:30 a.m.


9:00 a.m.

Welcome and Keynote

9:55 a.m.

Breakout Session 1

11:15 a.m.

Breakout Session 2

12:30 p.m.


1:15 p.m.

Afternoon Session 1

2:15 p.m.

Afternoon Session 2

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