“Little Ones to Him Belong ” is the theme for the 2022 Church Weekday Education Conference.

The conference is designed to encourage, affirm and refocus weekday directors and staff on the unique opportunities they have to disciple others while providing quality childcare. This two-day event provides training for directors on Friday and all staff on Saturday.

Prices include Friday lunch for directors/assistant directors and Saturday lunch for all staff.

Register online at www.ncbaptist.org/cwe. Please be prepared to select your top three choices for each breakout session. We will make all attempts to give you your top choices, but substitutions may be made. If you are registering everyone in your group, please provide individual choices for each person attending from your group. Directors, a black and white handout has been made available in the downloads section of this page to print and distribute amongst your teaching staff. It includes the breakout schedule and summaries as well as a place for staff to list their top choices and return it to you.

If you are unable to register online, please contact Church Weekday Education at (800) 395-5102 ext. 5646 and register by phone.

Breakout Sessions

Avoiding Nature-Deficit Disorder: Engaging Children’s Wonder About God’s Natural World
Nicole McCaskill, EQuIPD
Are your children suffering from NDD – “Nature Deficit Disorder?” How do you, as an early childhood educator, excite, engage and promote children’s curiosity, wonder and appreciation of God’s natural world? We know the many health and wellness benefits of being outside and its impact on children’s development. We’ll discuss strategies for extending children’s time outside and how to create an outdoor learning environment (OLE) that supports all domains of development.

It’s All MINE!
Roxie Gardner, Cape Carteret Baptist Church
Make the most of shared space. Identify the obstacles, the pros and cons, the headaches and joys of shared space. Who are the personalities? The All In, the Ain’t Never Gonna Happen, The Reminder, The Malcontent Pot Stirrer. Find the joy and benefit in shared space, whether it’s new to you or you are about over it.

Rainy Day Activities
Kim Jones, Cape Carteret Baptist Church
Rainy days do not have to be Eeyore days! Rainy days are blessings too. Let’s have fun inside and thank God for a change in our regular schedule.

Teaching on a Budget
Andrea McGillivray, Building Blocks Early Education Centers
Learn how to stretch your dollar with creative ideas for activities and decorations for your classroom. From Dollar Tree to Target, we will discuss ways to enhance your classroom that won’t break the bank.

Catching Up Post COVID
Cheryl Markland, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
COVID has presented many unexpected challenges the past two years. However, one of the least expected was the developmental delays it has caused amongst the youngest of us. Join us as we look at how we, as teachers and leaders, can help with these delays and challenges.

Maleah’s Top Ten
Maleah Farlow, Baby Grand Music Instruction
This class incorporates Meleah Farlow’s favorite musical activities and songs for Early Childhood Education and will include references for songs and printed activities to take back to school! Plan on movin’ and groovin’, as we will not only hear the songs but will participate in each activity! No couch potatoes here!

5 Concerns for Safety and Security in Your Weekday Ministry
Cheryl Markland, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
Providing a safe and secure environment in your weekday ministry is foundational to the well-being of children and the longevity of your ministry. Discover five key concerns that need to be addressed as you seek to protect the children in your ministry.

Spiritual Growth in Your Center & Homes
Kim Jones, Cape Carteret Baptist Church
Is there anything more important than our spiritual growth? Why do our days gobble up our time, leaving our time with Jesus aside? We will spend time in this breakout learning to make sure that Jesus is our first priority and that our spiritual growth ranks above things that rob our “Jesus time” from us.

There Might Be Blood!
Roxie Gardner, Cape Carteret Baptist Church
Know what to do when there is blood and when there isn’t. Policies and procedures for first aid in the preschool setting.

Parent Communication – A Vital Piece of the Puzzle
Jennifer Trull, Calvary Baptist Church
The single largest problem related to communication is the illusion that it has taken place. All successful relationships require an open line of communication. It is imperative that teachers maintain a healthy communication line with parents and have an understanding of what is most important to be communicated, and how frequently. A sense of community is built between parents and teachers when communication is well established and upheld. By sharing ideas with one another, we find ways to improve our own method and perfect a process that really is simple – with such a strong impact!

Preventing Professional Burnout
Andrea McGillivray, Building Blocks Early Education Centers
Burnout is a professional trending term, but where does it come from? In a time where life seems to get harder, there is hope! Together we will discuss strategies to persevere through and prevent burnout in the future.

Shake, Rattle and Roll
Maleah Farlow, Baby Grand Music Instruction
This session is not for the couch potato! This energetic class calls for moving, dancing and singing even for those who say they can’t dance or sing. Musical activities include simple dances, songs that you may already know with a “twist,” and incorporating props such as puppets, scarves, hoops and instruments to enhance your daily classroom lesson plans. Geared to the non-musical teacher who wants to bring music into his or her classroom.

What Is Behavior and How Do We Address It?
Marcy Martin, Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Explore the root causes behind a child’s reactions to certain situations and experiences. The material is designed to improve observation skills while offering practical strategies to prevent and handle a child’s negative reactions. We will learn how to implement sensory strategies and emotional learning tools that will enhance our approach to classroom management. As a result, we will learn to better provide an environment where all children can be engaged to learn from God’s Word.

Faith Over Fear
Kim Jones, Cape Carteret Baptist Church
So many things of this world tempt us to be fearful. In this breakout we will spend some time together learning, discussing and planning how to keep our faith stronger than our fear.

Process of Learning: Process vs. Product
Jennifer Trull, Calvary Baptist Church
Finding the balance between helping kids complete a new craft and learn the skills needed for that craft can be tricky. Join us as we discover ways to encourage the process while praising the product.