Adult Handbell Festivals offer unique experiences for handbell choirs and are of great value in providing opportunities for growth and training.

The North Carolina Baptist State Adult Handbell Festival offers this weekend of fellowship and worship in addition to outstanding training and playing opportunities for adult bell groups. The festival ends with a worship concert that anyone can attend for free.


“We use the festival format exclusively for a selection of repertoire each year. This way, a qualified and respected group of church musicians collectively help me annually.”

“The event helps foster musical and spiritual growth within my handbell choir. It is exposed to other handbell choirs and offers encouragement as it sees and hears other choirs.”

“Spiritually, we have opportunities for development as we minister with our presence in their lives this weekend.”

“This festival is always a shot in the arm for my group and we look forward to it from year to year. The music is fun, challenging and usable. The trip is ‘team building’ and we all enjoy the adventure! Our group works hard and gets out in the community a lot. They enjoy seeing other groups and learning from them and the clinician.”

“I’m very grateful to be a part of a convention that seeks to undergird the ministry of the local churches not just for Sunday School and Evangelism, which are vital, but also in our Worship and Music Ministries.”

“Being part of a handbell festival is one way to celebrate and share our faith with others. This is only part of the reason we enjoy the festival. Join us and find your own reasons!”