How to promote racial reconciliation in your church

April 6, 2018

1. Foster an environment where the gospel is proclaimed and there is a robust understanding of imago dei (the Image of God). God created each one of us in His image, and the gospel is for all nations, tribes and tongues.

2. Each member has a responsibility to love one’s neighbor. In order to do that, we must first have transformed hearts. Then, we must take action to get to know others — even those not like us. Fill your lunches and dinner tables with people who you can love and serve, and who are not like you.

3. Promote confession. If we confess our sin, we know that God is faithful to forgive us (1 John 1:9). Ask the Lord to reveal any place of pride or prejudice in this area. Recognize that racism can exist in our hearts, even if hidden, but God offers us grace and mercy in the gospel — and reconciliation with God and man.

4. Resist apathy. It’s easy to think that because we are 50 years past the Civil Rights Movement, we are now in a place to move on. Because we are now united under law, let’s work even harder to be united under Christ. We have not arrived, and therefore ask the Lord to give you eyes to see the work yet to be done.

by Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission  /  Southern Baptist Convention

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