Dr. Miguel Núñez serves as Senior Pastor, teacher and apologist at the International Baptist Church in Santo Domingo. He is President and founder of Ministerio Integridad y Sabiduría (Integrity and Wisdom Ministry), whose vision is to impact today’s generation with God’s revelation in the Spanish-speaking world.

Dr. Núñez graduated from the INTEC School of Medicine in 1980 in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and completed his specialties in Internal Medicine (1982-85) and Infectious Disease (1985-87) in the US. He went on to practice medicine in the US for 15 years and taught as a Clinical Professor at New York’s Mount Sinai School of Medicine before returning to Santo Domingo to plant a church.

In the area of ministry, Dr. Núñez earned a Master of Theology (ThM) from the Southern Baptist School for Biblical Studies (2010) and a Doctor of Ministry (Dmin) from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2014).

Dr. Núñez hosts the podcast “No es tan simple como parece” (“It is not as simple as it seems”) and co-hosts the television program, “Respuestas: Verdades absolutas para un mundo relativo” (“Answers: Absolute truths for a relative world”), which is broadcast throughout Latin America and other countries. The program applies a biblical worldview to a variety of relevant topics. Dr. Núñez and his ministry team organize the “Por Su Causa” (“For His Cause”) conference, which brings together thousands of Latin Americans in the Dominican Republic, encouraging them to return to a biblical and historical Christianity. He is a frequent guest speaker throughout Latin America and the United States.

Dr. Núñez has authored numerous books:

  • Jesús, el hombre que desafió al mundo y confronta tu vida (Jesus, the man who challenged the world and confronts your life)
  • Una iglesia conforme al corazón de Dios (A church after God’s own heart)
  • Enseñanzas que transformaron el mundo (Teachings that transformed the world)
  • Vivir con integridad y sabiduría (Living with integrity and wisdom)
  • El poder de la Palabra para transformar una nación (The power of the Word to transform a nation)
  • 95 tesis para la iglesia de hoy (95 theses for the today’s church)
  • Siervos para su gloria: antes de hacer tienes que ser (Servants for His Glory: Before doing, must be)
  • De pastores y predicadores (Of pastors and preachers)
  • Renueva tu mente: Una perspectiva bíblica del mundo y la vida (Renew your mind: A biblical perspective of the world and life)
  • Ética cristiana: cómo navegar en tiempos turbulentos (Christian ethics: How to navigate in troubled times)

In addition, he has co-authored four books: one on leadership, Seguirazgo (Following-and-Leading); another on the reform movement in Latin America, Gracia sobre gracia (Grace on Grace); Textos fuera de context (Texts out of context); and Revolución Sexual: Sin base bíblica ni científica (Sexual revolution: Without biblical or scientific basis), written with his wife Dr. Catherine Scheraldi. He has also contributed to the book, The Inerrant Word.

In 2016, Dr. Núñez was appointed Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Lead Strategist for Latin America at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he currently serves as Vice President of the Gospel Coalition (TGC).

Dr. Núñez lives in Santo Domingo with his wife of over 35 years, Dr. Catherine Scheraldi, who still practices medicine.