The “Reimagine” project seeks to apply New Testament principles to present-day modes of church practice.

How will you reimagine children’s ministry to meet the realities of our current situation? What innovative practices can you utilize while still upholding the core teachings found in Scripture? Below you will find some information, tools and resources to help you begin to reimagine.

Today's Realities

COVID-19 Impact

Children’s ministry has been hit hard by COVID-19 restrictions. Do we meet? Should we meet? If so, how will we meet? These questions all drive the conversation. Lack of parent participation, Zoom fatigue and fear that impactful discipleship has disappeared from the lives of many of our children consumes the hearts of children’s ministry leaders. How do we offer discipleship that will engage the hearts and minds of families online? How can we effectively partner with parents during this season as they navigate remote learning? What steps can we take now to bridge the gap until children’s ministry can gather again? Finally, what can we reimagine for the future of our children’s ministries?

Post-Pandemic Challenges

Several challenges await children’s ministry beyond COVID-19. An overarching challenge is who is willing to return, and when will that be? Volunteers may be hesitant to return due to health concerns or stricter protocols for safe environments. Parents who have grown accustomed to church at home may not want to return to church and in-person meetings. They may have anxiety about steps churches will take to protect their children. Leaders may face concerns about reduced numbers willing to attend or reduced classroom capacities. How will we meet for discipleship ministries like mission education or Awana? How can we effectively meet online for the foreseeable future?

Tips & Tools

One primary goal of regathering children’s ministry is regaining the trust of parents and volunteers and reassuring them that they will be safe in our teaching environments. “Preparing Your Children’s Ministry for Post COVID-19” is a resource designed to help your church navigate steps it can take now and protocols that can be put in place for the future to protect children and regain the trust of volunteers and parents. The resource addresses facility concerns and policies for health checks, sanitation, traffic and more.

Tomorrow's Possibilities


“What if?” These two small words hold a world of potential to reimagine your ministry. Reimagine a ministry where parents fully engage with disciple-making at home. Reimagine your role shifting to be a support and partner for that parental leadership. Reimagine children who are excited to be at church every week and who come seeking to encounter God while they spend time with you and your leadership team. What possibilities can you imagine for children who are fully devoted followers of Christ? Take time to reimagine the future of your children’s ministry.

Tips & Tools

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How can we help you reimagine?

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How can we help you reimagine?

Email [email protected] or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5646

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