The “Reimagine” project seeks to apply New Testament principles to present-day modes of church practice.

How will you reimagine church planting to meet the realities of our current situation? What innovative practices can you utilize while still upholding the core teachings found in Scripture? Below you will find some information, tools and resources to help you begin to reimagine.

Today's Realities

COVID-19 Impact

The common practices of planting a new church have been shaken by the impact of COVID-19. Almost immediately, everything that planters and churches normally do in their infancy stages was challenged or changed. How do you engage with your target community when the government requires you to shelter-in-place? Will your giving partners and participating churches continue to give although finances are shaky?

Many new church planters and their core teams entered 2020 believing that by the time the year came to a close that they would have launched their new church. That was before COVID-19 brought everything to a halt. The mission of impacting lostness through disciple-making hasn’t changed, but it’s possible that the methods we use might have to change. What steps can new and potential church plants take that will get them out of a holding pattern and on to what’s next?

Post-Pandemic Challenges

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to new and potential church planters. For example, one of the keys to planting a new church is through the creation of new connections and relationships. Building new relationships when people are wary of meeting together can prove to be difficult. Another pandemic-related challenge for mobile church plants is securing a location in which to meet because schools and community buildings may hesitate to allow outsiders in their spaces outside of normal hours. When people are reluctant to venture into unfamiliar spaces, holding vision meetings and launching services will be more of a challenge.

Tips & Tools

Now and in the future, many planters and new churches will have to rely on online and virtual means to connect with their new congregations, making digital solutions a higher priority at a younger phase of their existence.

Tomorrow's Possibilities


“What if?” These two small words hold a world of potential to reimagine your ministry. COVID-19 has given us the opportunity to reimagine. What if reproducing and multiplying become a core behavior of the local church? What if churches would begin to understand that God wants churches to plant other churches? What if your small groups could be central to the way the church functions? What if all of the ministry of the church took place through the small group structure, bringing prayer, discipleship, fellowship, care and ministry into one, reproducible place? Take time to reimagine what the future could be and should be like. This is your moment.

Tips & Tools

Things look a bit different now for church planters. Be flexible and adapt. Assess where you are, and focus on building relationships and being the church. Focus on developing as a leader and developing your leadership team.


How Can Planters and Teams Optimize the Moment? 

How can we help you reimagine?

Email [email protected] or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5577

How can we help you reimagine?

Email [email protected] or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5577

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