The “Reimagine” project seeks to apply New Testament principles to present-day modes of church practice.

How will you reimagine ministry to meet the realities of our current situation? What innovative practices can you utilize while still upholding the core teachings found in Scripture? Below you will find some information, tools and resources to help you begin to reimagine.

Today's Realities

COVID-19 Impact

Could you imagine a day when a pastor’s decisions would revolve around words like Facebook Live, Vimeo, YouTube and Zoom? Every North Carolina Baptist church has had to make a decision on shifting to online services. Some churches had never been online before and had to learn new technologies. Others were already livestreaming services and have learned to do it better. Still others have wrestled with moving their small groups or Sunday School classes to some kind of online format.

Post-Pandemic Challenges

As churches begin to resume in-person activities, the questions become ones about what ministries can and should remain online, can we really engage people in disciple-making online, and how do we disciple people to steward their own social media presence for the sake of the gospel?

Tips & Tools

Church leaders need to be assessing the effectiveness of their online options not by the number of views their service gets on Facebook or YouTube, but by how many disciples have taken one more step toward Christ.

Tomorrow's Possibilities


“What if?” These two small words hold a world of potential to reimagine your ministry. What if churches thought about their online presence not merely as a substitute for the gathering but as a supplement to the gatherings? What if churches would begin to understand the digital ecosystem as another unreached mission field? What if churches began to see their digital platforms as tools to impact lostness by drawing people into disciple-making relationships? What if all of the ministry of the church took place through the small group structure, bringing prayer, discipleship, fellowship, care and ministry into one, reproducible place? Take time to reimagine what the future could be and should be like. This is your moment.

Experts agree that most churches should continue to have an online presence even after gathering restrictions are lifted. But what if we learned how to leverage our digital platforms for engagement and discipleship instead of just using them as an alternative to the worship service? Most churches are only using their digital platforms to deliver content, but how can they use them as a funnel from content to community? And what parts of “doing church” can (or should) be done online?

Tips & Tools

Digital/Incarnational Assessment Tool


How to Grow Your Online Influence
Reimagine Digital Disciple-Making webinar

How can we help you reimagine?

Email [email protected] or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5651

How can we help you reimagine?

Email [email protected] or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5651

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