The “Reimagine” project seeks to apply New Testament principles to present-day modes of church practice.

How will you reimagine women’s ministry to meet the realities of our current situation? What innovative practices can you utilize while still upholding the core teachings found in Scripture? Below you will find some information, tools and resources to help you begin to reimagine.

Today's Realities

COVID-19 Impact

Local church women’s ministry has been significantly affected by the impact of COVID-19. Women’s ministry leaders have had to rethink Bible study, training, events and retreats that all women have grown accustomed to having face-to-face. By God’s design, women are relational beings and the ability to have connections has been difficult. Additionally, many women are working from home, trying to teach their children via virtual settings, experiencing fatigue with online tools, and do not have the capacity to sit and listen.

Post-Pandemic Challenges

Challenges for a post-COVID-19 women’s ministry are vast in their differences. Some women are ready to meet in person and get back to “normal,” while others are reluctant to gather in person due to fears that include, but are not limited to, contracting the virus or protecting an elderly family member. Additionally, some women are not comfortable or familiar with Zoom. Challenges abound for women’s ministries who are accustomed to having in-person Bible studies, women’s gatherings and training opportunities.

Tips & Tools

Every church is different, and every area of the state is varied. Often it is helpful to hear from other women’s ministry leaders and how they are navigating and adjusting to the current church environment. A conversation that included seven women’s ministry leaders of various sized churches and settings, and represented all regions of North Carolina, provides information from women’s ministry leaders who address maintaining contact with ladies in their churches, virtual and on-site Bible study, and large events.

Tomorrow's Possibilities


One of the questions women’s ministry leaders have been asking is, “Why do we do ministry the way we do?” Women’s ministry leaders have been reflective in asking if events should be the focus of women’s ministry. As women’s ministry leaders are grappling with when and how to regather in person, they are also trying to determine if their current ministry offerings are the best for equipping women to be disciple-makers. How have women been able to engage in gospel conversations and make disciples in their own neighborhoods and workplaces during the pandemic, and are they best equipped moving forward?

Tips & Tools

The SWOT analysis tool allows women’s ministry leaders to evaluate all of their ministry offerings in light of equipping and resourcing women for disciple-making. For each ministry offering, women’s ministry leaders can determine the strengths (S), weaknesses (W), opportunities (O), and threats (T) in relationship to equipping women to be disciple-makers.


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How can we help you reimagine?

Email [email protected] or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5561

How can we help you reimagine?

Email [email protected] or call (800) 395-5102, ext. 5561

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