Impact Prayer Guide


Joel 2 serves as the biblical foundation for this 30-day devotional prayer guide on revival and spiritual awakening.

Video 1

Impact & God’s Discipline

Study Questions

  • What does Hebrews 12:11 mean?
  • How have you experienced the discipline of God?
  • In what ways do you see God working through the difficult situations in life and what does He want you to learn from this?

Video 2

Impact & Refocus

Study Questions

  • How difficult is it to say no to distractions?
  • What is your plan of action for refocusing?
  • Who can you identify as a mature believing friend who can hold you accountable to keep your focus on what truly matters?

Video 3

Impact & Repentance

Study Questions

  • How are you being shaped by a spirit of true repentance?
  • Read 2 Corinthians 7:9-10 and think about what it means to grieve sin and how this is beneficial for every believer?
  • How have you see repentance taken our of context or misunderstood?

Video 4

Impact & Trust

Study Questions

  • Read through Ephesians 1:3-6 and think about what Paul says about God’s will.
  • Examine your heart and determine where you struggle with trusting God’s plan for your life and how your personal prayers fit into this plan.
  • Identify various ways you can grow to trust the Lord more fully.

Video 5

Impact & Oneness

Study Questions

  • How has sin caused division among people, and what can true believers do about it? Romans 16:17
  • Are you (or your church) welcoming of all kinds of people or do you see divisions that are weakening your witness?
  • How can you be more intentional to show the world you have been reconciled to Christ Jesus by the way you unite with others?

Video 6

Impact & God’s Restoration

Study Questions

  • What six things did God promise in Joel 2:18?
  • What have you learned from Joel that you can apply to your life?
  • What can you apply to your church?

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