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Do families in your congregation see their homes or neighborhoods as a mission field? The Acts 2:39 Missional Families Parent Devotional Guide is designed to help parents discover new ways to be intentional in fulfilling the Great Commission at home and in their communities.

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Do families in your congregation see their homes or neighborhoods as a mission field? The Faith at Home ministry has developed the Acts 2:39 Missional Families 7-week Bible study to equip families to make disciples in their homes and neighborhoods.


Families will begin to explore what it looks like to be on mission in both their homes and neighborhoods. This week’s lesson will establish the foundation for becoming missional families.

Love God

When we focus our love on the Lord, our relationship grows deeper. As our love for Him grows, our family members will notice. As our love for Him deepens, our neighbors will be drawn to the One we worship.

Love God’s Word

Charles Spurgeon said, “The more you read the Bible, and the more you meditate on it, the more you will be astonished with it.” In this week’s study, families will learn why loving God’s Word is integral to becoming missional families.

Be Transformed by God’s Word

This week’s theme — Be Transformed — explores how God’s Word transforms our lives as believers. Families will begin to share about the work of God in their lives and the hope that it brings.

Love Others – Be Missional

Why has the Lord placed you in your neighborhood? Was it your idea or God’s? This week’s lesson emphasizes the importance of loving others.

Be Tactful

What does it mean to be tactful as we fulfill the Great Commission? If we are going to follow the Great Commission and lead our families to do likewise, we must develop tactfulness in our interactions with others in our homes and neighborhoods.

Be Faithful

It’s time to celebrate! Take time to reflect on what God has done and what you have experienced during the study. Now, more than ever, it is important to remain faithful and continue on this journey together as a family.

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