Strengthen & Plant Churches

We help strengthen existing churches and start new ones.

Strong churches possess a disciple-making culture, and new churches reach new people. All churches are called to support multiplication efforts so all people may be reached with the gospel. When the culture of a church encourages all people to be disciples, who in turn make disciples, the church has the greatest potential for effective fulfillment of the Great Commission. We assist churches as they prayerfully determine how to pursue a disciple-making culture and how they will engage in church planting.

How can my church become strong?

  1. Outward Focused A church that is reaching the lost who live around them, including those who look different than them, is a mark of a strong church.
  2. Disciple-Making A church that is made up of disciples who are continually making disciples is a mark of a strong church.
  3. Baptisms A church that is continually seeing the lost come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, then making a public profession through believer’s baptism, is a mark of a strong church.
  4. Missions A church that follows the Acts 1:8 model for missions, to include reaching the nations here and abroad, is a mark of a strong church. Also, look around at the diversity of your church and see if the nations exist among your church body.

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