The role of spiritual warfare in church revitalization

Guest: Chuck Lawless

March 15, 2021

The “RevitalizeNC” podcast, aimed at addressing timely topics related to church health and revitalization, launched today (March 15).

In each episode, host Terry Long, senior consultant for church revitalization with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, will interview a ministry leader about a topic or issue related to church revitalization. In the first installment, Chuck Lawless, vice president of spiritual formation at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, addresses the role of spiritual warfare in church health and revitalization.

Here is an excerpt from this podcast:

“If we don’t look at the spiritual factors, we’ll be missing a primary sense of what we’re called to do and to be. That really led into my interest in spiritual warfare. Frankly, my interest in spiritual warfare began for me personally thinking in terms of how do I best walk with the Lord in a way that threatens the enemy. And then as I looked at churches and saw the enemy just attacking church after church after church and pastor after pastor, it just drove me to the text. And you open up the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation you see that there is a very real enemy who fights against us,” Lawless said.

“(In) Ephesians 6, Paul is very clear that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. From the Garden on, the powers have sought to divide us, to mislead us so that we teach false doctrine, to distract us from the work of evangelism, to lead us to operate in our own strength so we lack the power of God. And what we must do as churches if we are going to move into revitalization, we have to recognize the schemes of the enemy without getting focused on him. Because it’s really easy to talk about spiritual warfare and you find a demon behind every rock. The Scriptures won’t let us go there. I want us to see, Yes, the enemy is real, but equally so, the enemy is a defeated foe, and we can live in victory.”

New episodes will be released every other month. For more information and details on how to subscribe, click here.

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