Will you pray and go?

November 23, 2020

I don’t remember much about that day, but one thing I do remember: it was hot — really hot.

The temperature in Newton was near 100 degrees Fahrenheit that day. But we had committed to walk our neighborhood and pray for divine appointments. This was the third time in three weeks we had been out in the community. During that unusually hot summer, we were finding it nearly impossible to meet people, much less engage them in gospel conversations.

As we headed out the door, I saw our neighbor two doors down heading inside. I had promised him some tomatoes from the garden. I grabbed a bag full and walked over to his house. He was grateful and curious.

“What in the world are you doing out in weather like this?” he asked.

I told him that we were praying that God would bless our neighborhood. He agreed that our neighborhood needed it.

I asked if I could pray for him. As soon as I said, “amen,” he asked if I could come back later. His wife was coming home from work, and he wanted me to pray for her.

That encounter opened the door for an evangelistic Bible study in our home. My neighbor rededicated his life and his wife gave her life to Christ. Shortly after, he invited a friend to join us, and that friend also rededicated his life. Through this connection, we were able to lead his friend’s wife to Christ.

This account is just one of many examples of how God glorifies His name when we pray and go.

God glorifies His name when we pray and go.

A new resource developed by the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina titled “Pray Together. Go Together.” is designed to help prepare believer’s hearts for divine appointments like the ones highlighted above. The resource is a 30-day prayer guide to some of North Carolina’s least-reached peoples and places. We invite you to join other North Carolina Baptists this January as we pray and go.

Start with the “Pray Together. Go Together.” resource page. There you can:

Join us in January as we pray for open doors and go with the good news of the gospel to some of North Carolina’s least-reached peoples and places.

Will you partner with us in faith that God will glorify His name as we pray and go?

by Cris Alley  /  Strategic Focus Team  /  Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

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