These frequently asked questions are provided to help you and your church understand more about Embrace and Women’s Evangelism and Discipleship.

What is Embrace and Women's Evangelism and Discipleship?

Embrace is a comprehensive, biblically based women’s ministry of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) that seeks to equip women to pray for and minister to women of all ages, their families and future generations for the building up of Christ’s kingdom. Embrace focuses on evangelism, discipleship and missions. Embrace intends to engage women with the gospel of Jesus Christ (evangelism), educate women to prayerfully study and apply God’s word in their lives (discipleship), and equip women to do kingdom work through service locally and globally (missions).

Who does Embrace seek to minister to?

Embrace seeks to minister to girls, college students, single moms, young professionals, mothers, grandmothers and women of all ages and ethnicities.

Why was Embrace Women's Evangelism and Discipleship developed?

In response to a motion presented to the board of directors of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC), a women’s ministry task force was organized and approved by the executive committee under the leadership of Milton A. Hollifield Jr. and Phyllis Foy in February 2008. The task force developed a foundation for “a comprehensive women’s ministry including, but not limited to evangelism, discipleship, missions education, prayer support and promotion for missions offerings as a ministry of the BSCNC.” A full-time director for the ministry was voted on and approved by the executive committee of the BSCNC in July 2009 and assumed ministry responsibilities in August 2009.

Can a church or individual participate in both Embrace and other women's ministries?

Absolutely! Embrace will provide ministries and opportunities that will complement much of what is already being done through existing women’s ministries such as Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU). Consequently, Embrace will seek to provide the local church options for equipping women in evangelism, discipleship and missions ministries. Training and suggested resources on how to integrate various women’s ministries in the local church will be available through Embrace Ministries.

How does Embrace differ from or relate to WMU?

Embrace is different because it is a comprehensive approach to women’s ministry in and through the local church. Embrace focuses on three major biblical mandates for women: evangelism, discipleship and missions. Embrace does not compete with the Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina (WMU-NC), but serves as an additional option for North Carolina Baptist churches. The goal is not to duplicate the work of WMU-NC, but to develop optional resources for missions prayer support, education and awareness for North Carolina, North American and international mission efforts related to the Southern Baptist Convention.

How can our church/association get involved in Embrace?

Churches and associations can be involved in several different ways. Women can learn more about Embrace by attending an Embrace event. Information on these events is available at www.embracenc.org. Churches and associations are encouraged to appoint an Embrace Ministry leader to represent this ministry in their context. We also encourage you to pray for this ministry and the leadership as Embrace is developed.

Is Embrace another church organization, ministry or resource?

Embrace is a ministry of the BSCNC that seeks to assist churches and associations as they develop women’s ministries with a three-fold intent of evangelism, discipleship and missions. Embrace is not an organization you join or just a resource pool for women’s ministries. Embrace will provide networks, biblical and practical tools, models and resources that equip women to answer God’s call to live in intimacy with Christ as they serve Him through the local church.

What kind of local church structure is recommended by Embrace?

Embrace suggests churches recruit an Embrace Women’s Ministry leader to assist in developing and implementing women’s ministries. Churches are encouraged to apply ministry models that allow implementation to take place in their existing church structure. For example, in a church structure where the team concept is used, Embrace recommends that an Embrace Ministry Team be recruited to lead the ministry.

How will Embrace function at the associational level?

Embrace can function in and through the local association just like other ministries that are a part of their context. Associations are encouraged to recruit an Embrace Ministry leader to assist churches in developing Embrace networks, ministries and trainings. This individual may also serve as a contact between the association and the BSCNC.

Will Embrace provide churches and associations with training, consultations and resources?

Training is essential for women to be equipped in evangelism, discipleship and missions. The BSCNC has a full-time Embrace Women’s Evangelism and Discipleship consultant who assists churches and associations as they implement a comprehensive women’s ministry in their context. Embrace offers Embrace leadership training to equip women’s ministry leaders in the Embrace intents.

Will Embrace provide or suggest literature to use to equip women?

Embrace Ministries provides a suggested list of biblically based materials that assist churches as they develop women’s ministries and prayerfully equip women in evangelism, discipleship and missions. As Embrace is developed at the state level, the resource base will expand as needed to support all churches and associations of the BSCNC.

Will Embrace have a missions component?

The goal for women’s missions involvement is to equip women to do kingdom work through service locally and globally. Embrace provides missions education components for children and adults, as well as missions experiences through various short-term missions trips. The intent is to develop a lifestyle of missions in women as they leave a legacy for future generations. Embrace also encourages prayer and involvement through SBC mission entities and efforts.

Will Embrace resource churches with missions literature for children?

Embrace will recommend and or provide, when necessary, graded materials for missions education for children. For example, this includes existing materials provided through the North American Mission Board and International Mission Board of the SBC (i.e. DIME materials, Drop In Mission Education; KOM, Kids On Missions). These materials can be used to enhance the missions component in different children’s ministries such as AWANA.

Will Embrace Women's Evangelism and Discipleship be involved in promoting various missions offerings?

Yes, we will encourage churches to pray for and support missions offerings promoted by the SBC and BSCNC. This will include Annie Armstrong, Lottie Moon and the North Carolina Missions Offering. Embrace will connect the churches with appropriate BSCNC staff to assist them.

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