How do we effectively make disciples? Pastor Robby Gallaty has spent countless hours studying and wrestling through this question.

How do we effectively make disciples?

Robby Gallaty, pastor of Long Hollow Church in Hendersonville, Tenn., and founder of Replicate Ministries, has spent countless hours studying and wrestling through this question. His years of ministry experience have given him unique insights into how we can make disciples who truly live on mission together. On Feb. 20, N.C. Baptists will have the opportunity to hear these insights on missional discipleship at the Disciple-Making Conference, where Gallaty will feature as the keynote speaker.

On this episode of the N.C. Baptist podcast, Gallaty and Brian Upshaw, director of the Ministry Strategies group for N.C. Baptists, offer listeners a preview of the Disciple-Making Conference as they discuss Gallaty’s journey in disciple-making, his vision for churches, certain myths that churches hold when trying to create a culture of discipleship, and much more.

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Podcast Highlights

  • “[I’m] trying to navigate the church I’m pastoring now by being open to the Holy Spirit’s leading and direction. He’s always speaking. The question is, am I turning the voices and volume in my head and the culture down enough that I can hear that still, small voice of God speaking?” (5:50)
  • “The results you’re getting in the church — or the lack thereof — in producing disciples is a direct result to the process you have in place, or lack thereof.” (14:37)
  • “I think so often we have just dictated from a distance and told people how to make disciples. We haven’t given them a compelling ‘why.’ And here’s the big one: We haven’t expected them to replicate the process as well.” (20:03)
  • “Just because you have bodies in a room doesn’t mean you’re transforming people into the image of Christ. That’s a big myth we’ve bought into … there’s a bunch of other myths we’ll talk about as well [at the Disciple-Making Conference.]” (26:23)

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