What if churches can connect students to an opportunity to leverage their next season for the kingdom?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published on July 13, 2022. It has been updated with minor revisions.

Graduating college seniors face a number of major decisions about what comes next. They might be choosing between jobs, cities or further education. What if N.C. Baptists can connect students to an opportunity to leverage their next season for the kingdom?  

GO2 is an initiative by the North American Mission Board’s Send Network that connects students to be on mission together with church plants in cities like Boston, Atlanta and Washington D.C. Through GO2, students are sent to start their careers in places where they can join a new church in making disciples and advancing the gospel.

To help students consider GO2 as they plan for life after college, here are some things to know. 

  1. Graduates will need to secure a job in their career field in the city they choose. GO2 is designed for those who have finished their senior year and are making the transition from college to career. This shift is important because GO2 participants need to financially support themselves and to build relationship in workplaces. 
  2. Because church plants are smaller communities, there will likely be more opportunities for GO2 participants to serve in a more hands-on manner. Their most important role will be building relationships with people in their communities and helping them engage with their church plant family.
  3. Some people will choose a location because their church or college ministry has a partnership there. Others will choose a location because that’s where they found a job or because they’ve always been drawn to that city. Some may want to be close to friends and family. What matters most is that students go somewhere they can leverage their influence and invest in a church plant to bring the hope of the gospel to people who don’t yet know Jesus.
  4. GO2 is open-ended. After 24 months, participants can stay in their new city, return to their hometown or go somewhere new to help start another church. Regardless of where they land after the commitment, the experiences gained during GO2 are invaluable ones that they will carry for the rest of their lives.
  5. Some students may be considering seminary after college. Seminary during GO2 is not discouraged, but students should count the costs before making the commitment. Doing additional education while working a full-time job, connecting with coworkers and helping with a church plant will be challenging.

Students have a wonderful opportunity to start their career in a strategic location for the sake of the gospel. Learn more at go2years.net

by N.C. Baptist Communications