How should we steward the financial resources God has provided for us? In this podcast episode, learn more from President Harry Nelson about ways that we can be faithful with our financial resources and redemptively invest for the sake of God’s kingdom.

This episode of the N.C. Baptist podcast features Seth Brown, director of the Convention Relations Group for N.C. Baptists, as he sits down with Harry Nelson, newly-elected president of Provision Financial Resources (formerly known as the North Carolina Baptist Foundation). Tune in as the two discuss financial stewardship, redemptive investing and practical ways N.C. Baptists can partner with Provision to live on mission together. 

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “So biblical stewardship — particularly biblical financial stewardship — is the idea that we are managing financial resources on behalf of God. And so then, as a result, we have to do that with the same character, aims and goals of the owner of those resources.” (5:47)
  • “Whether it’s our retirement account, whether it’s our churches’ ministries, our churches’ funds, ministry funds … we need to think about those funds and to say, ‘Okay, how would God, if He were to look in on this balance sheet … would He be pleased with the endeavors that we have put this capital toward?’” (9:52)
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