What does it take to bring struggling churches back to health? In this episode of the N.C. Baptist Podcast, hear from revitalization ministry leaders about the ways churches can be on mission together to see dying churches transform and flourish.

In this episode, Terry Long, N.C. Baptist church health and revitalization coordinator, sits down with Ben McRoy, mobilization pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Youngsville, and Dave Kiehn, lead pastor of Park Baptist Church in Rock Hill, S.C. Together, the three discuss their stories in church revitalization, how to be on mission to bring churches back to health and more. 

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Podcast Highlights:

  •  “A strong, healthy, vibrant church displays the manifold wisdom of God to the watching world.” (04:55)
  • “That was one of the first times that we really took a step of sending a staff member that we weren’t really wanting to send yet. But we said, ‘Ok, Lord, we’re gonna trust you with this and see that happen.’ And because of that — because of our pastor and our elders’ willingness to do those types of hard things — now we’re seeing the fruit here where our members are saying we need to do hard things too.” (17:43)
  • “So, I think that’s probably the hardest thing is just the relational work that it takes to really invest in a church, to say we genuinely want your benefit and your well-being.” (29:03)
  • Click here to learn more about the Reconstruct Conference, happening on May 7 at Faith Baptist Church in Youngsville.
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