In August 2024, churches across North Carolina will join together to meet local community needs through ServeNC. In this episode of the N.C. Baptists’ Podcast, hear from newly elected N.C. Baptist officers as they share their excitement, vision and plans for this time of serving on mission together.

In this episode, Baptists on Mission Executive Director-Treasurer Richard Brunson sits down with the newly elected officers of the Baptist State Convention: Pastor Jason Miller of Dutch Cove Baptist Church of Canton, Pastor Quintell Hill of Multiply Community Church of Monroe, and Pastor Allan Murray of Centerville Baptist Church of Kelly. Listen in as they discuss the necessity of local community service, the ways they plan to get involved in ServeNC, and much more. 

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “We say this: ‘We want to reach people near and far with the love of Christ, and so we want to intentionally be where they are.’ We can’t catch fish if we’re not where fish are.” (4:15)
  • “Our churches should so be invested in our communities, that the first place the school is looking for help is with the church. That the first place the Town is calling because they have an event is the church.” (8:36)
  • “If we ceased being [the church], I think our community would definitely notice.” (11:06)