“On mission together” churches work toward a common purpose: to see the name of Jesus glorified and the Great Commission fulfilled. In this article, EDT Todd Unzicker shares four reasons we partner in this mission.

One reason I love serving with N.C. Baptists is because of the many opportunities it’s given me to visit churches across the state. 

God has blessed us with a wide diversity of churches. Since joining with N.C. Baptists in 2021, I’ve had the chance to worship in established rural churches, bustling megachurches and everything in between. No two congregations have been alike. 

Despite our diversity, there’s one common characteristic I’ve seen in our churches across the state: Our churches are “on mission together” churches.

Cooperation is at the heart of what it means to be a Baptist. We believe in the autonomy of the local church, but we also recognize that we can do so much more when we partner together. That’s why we cooperate “on mission together” as a convention of churches and partner with national entities outside North Carolina. Our churches may be autonomous, but we never work alone. 

“On mission together” churches work toward a common purpose: All of us want to see the name of Jesus glorified and the Great Commission fulfilled. This God-given task is not just an individual responsibility but also a corporate mission. 

With this greater vision in mind, here are four specific reasons why “on mission together” churches partner together.

1. ’On mission together’ churches partner to reach the lost. 

In 2023, N.C. Baptist churches saw more than 16,000 individuals get baptized, a 41% increase from 2022. That’s what being “on mission together” is all about — reaching the lost and fulfilling the Great Commission. We want to see our friends, family and neighbors come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, so we cooperate by praying, sending missionaries and giving generously to the mission.

2. ‘On mission together’ churches partner to train the next generation.

“On mission together” churches partner together because we recognize our responsibility to pass on the faith to the next generation. We want to see this mission field become a mission force. Cooperation is the vital means by which we work toward this goal.

As summer quickly approaches, thousands of children and students from across the state will soon be gathering at Vacation Bible Schools and N.C. Baptist camps to experience gospel transformation. Working together in this context means that our churches are prepared to respond when our children come to faith, and we disciple them to be a light to their generation. N.C. Baptists work together to train the next generation so that all generations may know Him.

3. ‘On mission together’ churches partner to send church plants.

“On mission together” churches recognize that it’s the primary responsibility of local congregations to raise up leaders and plant churches near and far. Conventions don’t plant churches, after all. Churches plant churches. 

We also understand that we need each other to do the vital work of church planting. That’s why churches partner together with ministries such as SendNC, which assists churches as they accomplish their mission. “On mission together” churches understand that multiplication, not addition, is the measure of our success. Planting new churches is not a task we can accomplish alone.

4. ‘On mission together’ churches partner to serve local communities. 

Jesus calls His followers to be “the light of the world” and the “salt of the earth.” N.C. Baptists seek to represent Christ to a lost and dying world so that those who are far from Christ can see His love through our love for others. For this reason, we partner together with the goal to serve our communities.

This summer, N.C. Baptist cooperation will be on full display as we commit to “ServeNC.” Throughout the beginning of August, every church will go out to serve every community to show others the light of the gospel through our acts of service.I’m thankful that God has called forth a movement of churches on mission together here in North Carolina. As our churches gather together this summer at conferences, camps, conventions and community service projects, I’m grateful for the reminder that our churches cooperate for a greater purpose — to make disciples of all nations.

by Todd Unzicker, executive director-treasurer, N.C. Baptists

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in the May/June edition of the Biblical Recorder magazine.