The Acts 2:39 Missional Families Leader’s Guide is designed by church leaders for church leaders as a way to equip and encourage families to be missional in their homes and neighborhoods. This seven-week study is ideal for Sunday School or small group settings and will help your families be intentional in fulfilling the Great Commission at home and in their communities.

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Do families in your congregation see their homes or neighborhoods as a mission field? The Faith at Home ministry has developed the Acts 2:39 Missional Families 7-week Bible study to equip families to make disciples in their homes and neighborhoods.

Week 1

This video outlines the overview, objectives and instructions for the Acts 2:39 Missional Families Bible study and leader guide.

Week 2

This week’s lesson includes a simple yet effective tool to strategically engage neighbors. Those in your group will discover how to form relationships and track progress as they become missional in their families and neighborhoods.

Week 3

Leaders will become equipped to help families make a distinction between “commitment” and “surrender,” and the integral part the Holy Spirit plays in their lives as they study God’s Word.

Week 4

Some people treat the Bible as an “add-on to” rather than “primary for” their walk with Christ. This week’s theme — “Be Transformed” — will help parents understand the importance of daily Bible engagement.

Week 5

This week’s pivotal lesson will move your group from loving God and His Word to loving others and being missional based on the central theme of Acts 2:39.

Week 6

When we become intentional about taking the gospel to those in our homes and neighborhoods, disagreements are going to happen. This lesson focuses on the importance of being tactful in our conversations.

Week 7

This lesson is titled “Be Faithful.” Groups will be reminded of the biblical mandate to make disciples in our homes and neighborhoods in order to be missional and leave a gospel legacy.

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