Many churches search across the state and beyond for their next ministry leader. But what happens when a church finds that their next ministry leader is a young disciple in the pew?

In this episode of the N.C. Baptist podcast, Student Ministries Strategist Daniel Rose sits down with Andrew Patrick, associate pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in Catawba, N.C., and Matt Rummage, senior pastor of Olivet. Listen in as Patrick and Rummage share their story about how Patrick went from student to pastor in the church after several years of discipleship with Rummage. 

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “When you are discipling somebody, you are inviting them into your life to not only hear the truth but to see the truth, not only to hear about love but to see love in action.” (15:11)
  • “They’re looking for someone who’s not gonna just stand up on Sunday and say one thing and then you never see them the rest of the week — they’re looking for someone who lives it out, whose life matches up with it.”  (17:54)
  • “If we’re too busy to invest in people, then we’re too busy.” (20:32)