You’ve probably already heard the phrase “SendNC.” You may have the impression that it’s a big deal but don’t exactly understand why. So what is SendNC?

A monumental partnership

SendNC is a co-branded church planting partnership between North Carolina Baptists and the North American Mission Board’s Send Network. Its purpose is to maximize support for church planting across North Carolina.

We believe that the healthiest way for a new church to succeed is to be sent by an existing one. This is the model set forth in the Bible, and it is the model that we use to plant churches in SendNC. Going forward, every church we plant will be sent, equipped and resourced through a sending church. Instead of being a sender of planters, our SendNC team has positioned itself to be a sender of senders.

What SendNC means for sending churches

This partnership will enable us to equip sending churches like never before. With a desire to help sending churches feel competent and confident in their role, the SendNC team will equip potential sending churches through Sending Church Labs and through Residency Center development. Combined with a robust assessment and training process for church planters, this will be a game changer for church-planting churches. 

If your church has a potential church planter, let’s connect here.

Instead of being a sender of planters, our SendNC team has positioned itself to be a sender of senders.

What SendNC means for church planters

The SendNC partnership will bring a deeper family connection to our planters. No one should plant alone, and as a result of the church planter pathway, all planters will be part of a sending church during their season of preparation. 

As they connect to their sending church family, planters will also become a part of the SendNC family of planters and the Send Network all across North America. Increased church planter funding, a doubled funding period and incredible benefits like health and life insurance, retirement benefits and church administration assistance will be a blessing for generations to come.

If you are interested in becoming a church planter, connect with us here.

What SendNC means for Baptist associations

We believe that the local Baptist association could and should be a catalyst for planting and sending, so we created the Associational Sending Church Initiative (ASCI). 

The ASCI is an opportunity for the association to be the catalyst for developing multiplication pipelines, for the purpose of discovering, developing and deploying potential plants and teams from a sending church in your association. We will begin this process by hosting training for associational mission strategists early next year. Associational mission strategists can become part of the ASCI here.

For N.C. Baptists, “on mission together” is more than a catchphrase. This new partnership allows our planters to belong to the larger Send Network family while still maintaining N.C. Baptists as their immediate family. Our senders and planters will feel the support of the whole network while knowing that their first and primary partner and base of support are right here at home. 

SendNC is a movement of churches on mission together to plant churches everywhere for everyone.