What kind of communication practices do you have at your church, network or association? We have curated some tools below that will help you approach communications with excellence.

Communications Management & Processes

The key to good communication practices is starting with a well-thought-out plan and finding the proper tools to accomplish that plan. While there are many management and process tools on the market, we recommend Google’s Workspace because their products are free, they aid in collaboration and they come with a plethora of applications. In addition, Google’s products are simple and easy to learn.

Google Drive

Project Management

If you are looking for a way to manage all your communication efforts in one place, there are a number of project management tools on the market.

Planning Center


Website Development & Design

We are here to help N.C. Baptist churches and associations with the setup of a new website.


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Electronic Forms

Electronic forms make signing up for events, enlisting volunteers or conducting surveys simple.

Google Forms




Graphic Design

Many churches have zero budget for high quality graphic design and are doing the best they can to produce materials in-house. Canva offers free graphic design templates to help anyone produce the best quality designs.


Canva Guide

Social Media

It is important to post to social media with consistency, but social media management can be labor-intensive. Products that allow you to schedule posts out in advance will save you time and energy.


For more tips, see our article here: 4 essential elements of social media for your ministry

Note: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also have built-in free schedulers

URL shortening service and link management platform.



Here are some essential tips for creating your own videos.

3 video essentials

Stock Photographs

High-quality photographs are an important part of telling the story.


Church Space & Environment

What are our church spaces and environments communicating? These two resources will give you practical tools for evaluating and improving your church spaces and environments.



Additional Training for Marketing and Communications