Website training and assistance are available to N.C. Baptist churches and associations.

You can get free assistance on questions about your website.

1. Get help with your website.

If you manage a website and need some training or help in WordPress, Wix, Squarespace or other content management system, please fill out the website help form.

2. Get your Free Church Website Wix Do-It-Yourself Manual.

If you would rather Do-It-Yourself, you may use the free manual that will give you a step-by-step for creating your own church’s website using Wix. Sign up here to receive your free manual.

3. Learn about websites and some design tips.

Want to learn the basics of websites and get some design tips? Sign up here to receive your free manual.

4. Get a Free Canva Guide and a Free non-profit account.

Want a free Canva Guide to get a Free non-profit account for creating graphics, bulletins and flyers? Sign up here to receive your free manual.

5. Would you like to host a 4-hour training workshop at your association?

Contact Lai Salmonson for more information.