As NC Baptists, we are a movement of churches on mission together, which is depicted in this logo. It represents movement, connectedness, progress and the gospel advancing in a variety of ways, as we are all sent out on mission together.

Our NC Baptist logo is the visual expression of our brand, and as such should be valued and used in accordance with the instructions listed here. You may download our full logo package here, including various file formats, or you may view and download them individually below.

This primary (or “stacked”) logo is the logo that should be used when representing NC Baptists in most contexts, as much as possible. The full color version should be used when possible, but light and white versions are available for a dark background. A black option is also available for when color is not an option.

There may be situations when this longer, horizontal version of our logo is more appropriate. In these cases, it may be best to evaluate which logo fits best in the space needed. This particular version of our logo is best for longer, more narrow applications.

The NC Baptists logo icon may be used alone, without the text. This icon should only be used when the context calls for the logo to appear without the name. Users should still be able to identify the icon as related to NC Baptists.

Icon with URL

In cases where the square form of the icon is needed, but a secondary identifier is also needed without the full text, the icon with our NC Baptist URL below may be appropriate.

Colors & Fonts

If you are representing NC Baptists, it is important to not only use our logo appropriately, but to also use our brand fonts and colors. Please do not change the colors of our logo, and always use the fonts listed here. Please also avoid incorrect uses of our logo to help us maintain consistency with our brand.

Don’t see what you need here? Feel free to contact our Marketing & Communications Group for additional branding needs or sponsorship opportunities. Email [email protected]. Please do not use the NC Baptists logo in advertisements and endorsements without prior written approval.