The four standing committees of the Baptist State Convention are the committee on nominations, the committee on convention meetings, the committee on resolutions and memorials, and the historical committee. Following is a brief description of each committee and its duties.

Committee on Nominations

The 18-member committee on nominations has the primary responsibility to nominate individuals for election by the convention during the annual meeting to serve on the board of directors, the additional standing convention committees, and the trustees and directors of the agencies and institutions of the convention. North Carolina Baptists are encouraged to prayerfully submit recommendations to the committee of individuals willing to serve in these important positions. Detailed information about the work of the committee is available in the convention bylaws. If you would like to nominate someone, please feel free to Make a Recommendation.

Committee on Convention Meetings

The 18-member committee on convention meetings works with convention staff throughout the year to plan the program of the annual meeting, which is held each November. The committee gives prayerful attention to the theme and the worship focus of the annual meeting. The committee may bring recommendations for individuals to preach the annual convention sermon up to two years in advance. Members of this committee are actively involved in the local arrangements for the meeting and serve on location during the annual meeting, as needed, in registration of messengers, counting of ballots, ushering and backstage assistance.

Committee on Resolutions and Memorials

The nine-member committee on resolutions and memorials has two primary responsibilities. Each year in September, the committee reviews properly submitted resolutions for possible presentation during the annual meeting to the convention for its consideration. The committee also prepares a report each year memorializing ministers and lay leaders who have died within the previous year and recommends names of those to whom the annual of the convention is to be dedicated.

Historical Committee

The 12-member historical committee is responsible for collecting and preserving the history of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. They encourage churches, associations, institutions and agencies affiliated with the state convention to preserve their historical documents, artifacts, correspondence and records. Each year the committee sponsors a historical writing competition, receiving submissions from church and association historians of books and special historical compilations. The winner is given special recognition during the convention’s annual meeting.

For more information on these committees, refer to the convention’s Bylaws.