The Board of Directors conducts business for the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina between annual meetings of the convention.

Board members are elected by the messengers to represent 10 geographic regions across the state. The board typically meets three times per year and provides general oversight of the programs and ministries of the convention. Nominations for the board are submitted to the committee on nominations for consideration.

Qualifications and considerations for the Board of Directors

  • Should be an active member of a cooperating N.C. Baptist church
  • Elected to serve a four-year term
  • Only one board member may serve from any given church at one time
  • Representation from churches of various sizes and locations
  • A variety of professional and educational backgrounds
  • A cross-section of age groups
  • Both laypersons and ministers

Recommendation form for Committee on Nominations

Board Committees

Board committees closely parallel the work and ministries of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Members are expected to provide guidance and assistance to their assigned committee, as well as to promote the disciple-making strategy in their churches, associations and the communities where they live.

The board is organized into four committees and five special committees for the purpose of carrying out board responsibilities as defined by the convention’s bylaws. Following is a list of board committees and board special committees.

Board Committees:

Church Planting and Missions Partnerships Committee
Communications Committee
Evangelism and Discipleship Committee
Executive Committee

Board Special Committees:

Articles and Bylaws Special Committee
Budget Special Committee
Business Services Special Committee
Christian Life and Public Affairs Special Committee
Convention Relations Special Committee

In addition to current board members, the five special committees also include non-board members. These individuals are selected from cooperating North Carolina Baptist churches and have knowledge and expertise that is directly related to the work of the special committee.