To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, N.C. Baptist Executive Director-Treasurer Todd Unzicker sat down with Amaury Santos, N.C. Baptist’s statewide Hispanic catalyst, to discuss Hispanic culture and how N.C. Baptists can learn from their Hispanic brothers and sisters.

Santos said the Hispanic community distinguishes itself as being particularly adaptable, having operated in a foreign culture and language while living in the United States. Santos also noted how the community’s Catholic background makes many open and receptive to the gospel.

“Having the Bible as a foundation serves us as a port or bridge of entry with the culture,” Santos said. “There’s acceptance and a respect for the Bible. There’s knowledge of God, of the Lord Jesus Christ, and it’s simply reframing the gospel to reach them.”

In addition, the unity found in the United States’ Hispanic community — despite being from several different countries — can serve as a picture of how God unites people from a variety of backgrounds. 

“Coming to America, there’s a certain openness, a certain vulnerability, if you will, among us. A certain acceptance of our idiosyncrasies,” Santos said. “It’s something that the Lord has used as a bridge at times to reach people who might not have been so open if they were in their home countries. 

“So, that diversity has been a strength instead of a weakness in bringing the gospel to different countries, different cultures.”

Overall, Santos believes there is a great opportunity for non-Hispanic Baptists to partner with the Hispanic church.

“The opportunity is extraordinary, for the simple reason that Hispanics are arriving, and they are practically a mission field,” Santos said. 

He has been encouraged by the churches who have come alongside Hispanic believers through prayer, financial support and hospitality by providing a space for worship. 

“My call to our Anglo churches is to continue doing what they’re doing,” Santos said. 

To learn more about how your church can be on mission together with Hispanic churches, contact Amaury Santos at [email protected].

by N.C. Baptist communications