Discipling the next generation of disciple-makers is crucial to the Great Commission. 

Discipling the next generation of disciple-makers is crucial to the Great Commission. 

In this episode of the N.C. Baptists podcast, listen to a breakout session recording of Shaq Hardy as he shares how you can create a discipleship system in your student ministry. Shaq serves high school students at Biltmore Church in Asheville and is a guest speaker at one of Be.Do.Tell.’s Summer Youth Weeks at Fort Caswell this Summer.

At the 2022 Disciple-Making Conference, Hardy shared how student ministry pastors and leaders can look for opportunities within their churches that the student ministry can join in on, how to establish a mission statement for the student ministry, how ministry leaders can assess where their students are and the importance of gaining investment from parents, leaders and students. 

Don’t miss several breakout session opportunities at the 2023 Disciple-Making Conference on Feb. 20, featuring topics such as discipling students, sending students and more. Learn more and register here.

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Podcast Highlights

  • “Student ministry is not a stepping stone. Having a system of discipleship in your church that does not depend on your presence is absolutely key.” (06:36)
  • “You are not their primary discipler. Their parents are. Student ministry exists to serve parents by coming alongside them to help them disciple their students.” (11:22)
  • “There are two things that I believe a mission statement has to have. Number one, the great commandment; and number two, the Great Commission.” (12:18)
  • “Every sermon points to the mission of Jesus because you want to send your students where the Spirit of God is.” (29:40)

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