There are two things Hall of Fame coach Mark Richt knows well — college football and the gospel of Jesus. Listen to this week’s episode below as Richt shares his heart for discipleship through sports and the importance of living on mission.

In this episode of the N.C. Baptist podcast, Executive Director-Treasurer Todd Unzicker sits down with Mark Richt, retired Hall of Fame football coach for the University of Georgia and the University of Miami, to discuss college football, Richt’s testimony and what it means to live on mission.

Richt was also influential in Unzicker coming to know Christ when Unzicker was a college football reporter covering Richt’s Georgia teams. Richt now works as a college football analyst and serves as a national spokesperson for Send Relief, the compassion ministry arm of the North American Mission Board.

Richt will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming N.C. Missions Conference sponsored by Baptists on Mission, being held April 5-6 in Charlotte. The conference theme is “Living Sent.”

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Podcast Highlights:

  • “The thing I kind of put my hopes and faith in and identity in was sports, and football in particular.” (9:34)
  • “I said, ‘Coach, I know you were talking to the team, but I need Jesus.’ And so I prayed to receive Christ right there in his office.”  (14:00)
  • “I think a lot of us are concerned — what’s God want me to do? … But then I realized God doesn’t care so much what you do, but how you do it and who you do it for. And if you do it the best you can, and you do it unto the Lord rather than men, that’s what He wants the most.” (16:02)

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EDITOR’S NOTE — Photo courtesy of the University of Georgia.